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Heartstopping Good Reads for Alice Oseman Fans

Volume 5 of Alice Oseman's universally beloved series Heartstopper is out soon! In the meantime (or after you've binged it), here is a mix of young adult chapter books and graphic novels that give the same feels of queer joy and adorable romance that Nick and Charlie provide.

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Captivating Stories of Jewish American Teens

Favorite stories of Jewish American teens, from romance to fantasy and coming-of-age.

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Talk That Talk, Read That Book: Joyful K-Inspired Teen Fiction

If you're as obsessed with K-Pop and K-dramas as we are, pick one (or all!) of these fantastically fun and often romantic teen novels.

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Fantastical Stories for Teens Who Love Role-Playing Adventures

Jump from the tabletop to the book page in these exciting stories of elemental magic, dark shadows, and epic quests.

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They're Right Behind You! New Murder Books for Teens

Puzzles, axe murders, and cold cases are abound in these young adult thrillers and mysteries all published in 2023 and perfect for fans of Jessica Goodman, Holly Jackson, and Tiffany Jackson.

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Latin American Teen Stories

Fresh and compelling stories of Latine teens, from romance and fantasy to coming-of-age.

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Fiction for Teens by Indigenous Authors

These recent novels offer something for every teen reader, whether they are fans of thrillers, horror, coming-of-age, historical fiction, or fantasy.

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Captivating Indigenous Nonfiction for Teens

From memoir and narrative history to self-help and social justice, this list is a small sampling of recent and essential Indigenous nonfiction for teens to explore.

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