They're Right Behind You! New Murder Books for Teens

By Grace Menary-Winefield

Puzzles, axe murders, and cold cases are abound in these young adult thrillers and mysteries all published in 2023 and perfect for fans of Jessica Goodman, Holly Jackson, and Tiffany Jackson.

  • And Don't Look Back

    2023 by Barrow, Rebecca

    Harlow Ford and her mother have been running from a dark secret their entire lives. When her mother dies in car accident, Harlow finds a safety deposit box with the clues she needs to hunt down the truth.

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  • The Reunion

    2023 by Frick, Kit

    As the Mayweather family gathers for a family reunion, grudges and secrets bare their ugly teeth until murder is not just possible, but inevitable.

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  • The Rosewood Hunt

    2023 by Reed, Mackenzie

    When Lily's grandmother dies suddenly and her fortune goes missing, she and three other teens are sent on a cat-and-mouse treasure hunt that becomes more dangerous than anyone could have imagined.

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  • Suddenly a Murder

    2023 by Muñoz, Lauren

    A young teen is murdered during a 1920s-themed getaway at the glamourous Ashwood Manor and everyone is a suspect. Secrets, plot twists, and red herrings abound in this stunning homage to Agatha Christie.

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  • Your Lonely Nights Are Over

    2023 by Sass, Adam

    When a serial killer starts targeting queer students, two gay besties are framed for the killings and must clear their names (and catch the real culprit) before it's too late.

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  • Going Dark

    2023 by De la Cruz, Melissa

    When a rising star influencer goes missing, her boyfriend immediately becomes a suspect in her disappearance. And as hacker and college student Harper attempts to clear his name, she unearths secrets from both of their pasts.

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  • There's No Way I'd Die First

    2023 by Springer, Lisa

    Proud horror aficionado Noelle Layne gets her chance to prove that she's a Final Girl when a murderous clown ends up crashing her Halloween party.

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  • A Long Stretch of Bad Days

    2023 by McGinnis, Mindy

    Two girls with little in common must team up on a hard-hitting, truth-telling expose as they investigate what lies beneath the surface of their small town and an unsolved murder from the past.

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  • Thin Air

    2023 by Parker, Kellie M.

    A fast-paced, "locked-room" thriller set on a flight to Paris where teens competing for a cash prize find themselves trapped with someone taking them out one by one.

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  • Their Vicious Games

    2023 by Wellington, Joelle

    Adina Walker's only chance to afford college is to participate in the Finish, a high-stakes competition where the prize is wealth and power--but when things turn bloody, she'll have to go from boarding school queen to Hunger Games survivalist.

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  • The Last Girls Standing

    2023 by Dugan, Jennifer

    Sloan is one of the only survivors of a summer camp murder spree, and as she fills in the gaps of her missing memory she begins to suspect her girlfriend knows more than she lets on. More of a psychological thriller than a slasher story.

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  • Murder on a School Night

    2023 by Weston, Kate

    This murder mystery (with a strong side of comedy) follows amateur sleuths Kelly and Annie as they try to stop a high school killer whose methods are unconventional, to say the least.

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  • People to Follow

    2023 by Worley, Olivia

    Ten teen influencers find themselves caught in a deadly game as a mysterious "sponsor" sends them threatening messages, blackmail demands, and dangerous challenges. Can they figure out who is trying to "cancel" them before it is too late?

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  • Lying in the Deep

    2023 by Urban, Diana

    It's hard to escape an ex-boyfriend when you're stuck together on a boat. But when Jade finds him murdered and his new girlfriend missing, she must investigate her shipmates, clear her name, and discover the real killer.

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