Grow a Reader

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Reading with your child not only brings you closer together, it also sets them up for future success. Reading 1,000 books before kindergarten helps prepare children for school and a lifetime of learning. Just read to your little one every day. We can help make it more fun when you join Grow a Reader. 

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Sign up at the Kids desk. You’ll get a set of sturdy activity cards on a ring–which fits nicely on a diaper bag!--and a “seed packet” booklet. Track the books you read together by coloring the seeds in the booklet. You can also sign up and track your progress online using Beanstack

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For every 100 books read, you’ll get to put your child’s name up on the wall at the library. You’ll also get a fresh seed packet and a new activity card. When you get to 1000 books, there’s an extra special prize.

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Reading 1,000 books sounds like a lot, but if you read a book a day it will take less than three years. Three books a day? Less than a year! All books count. Little ones sometimes want to hear you read the same book over and over, and that's just fine.  

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And it is not a competition. Just getting into the habit of reading every day will set your child up for a lifetime of loving books. There are thousands of board books and picture books at the library and an expert staff to help you.