Latin American Teen Stories

By Grace Menary-Winefield

Fresh and compelling stories of Latine teens, from romance and fantasy to coming-of-age.

  • Breakup from Hell

    2023 by Cardinal, Ann Dávila

    Mica should have listened to her abuela. Something is off about her new boyfriend, and Mica soon finds herself fighting to prevent the destruction of everything she holds dear. Talk about a high-drama break-up . . .

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  • The Wicked Bargain

    2023 by Novoa, Gabe Cole

    On an adventure to save his Papá's soul from el Diablo, Mar must hide their magia of fire and ice to survive the rocky waves and dangerous life of piracy.

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  • Brighter Than the Sun

    2023 by Aleman, Daniel

    Soledad is split between school in America and her family across the border in this moving story of immigration, identity, and the importance of community.

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  • Ander & Santi Were Here

    2023 by Garza Villa, Jonny

    Ander has bigger dreams than working at their family's taqueria. But when Santi, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, starts work at the restaurant, they begin to fall in love.

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  • Wings in the Wild

    2023 by Engle, Margarita

    When the Cuban government arrests Soleida's parents for their subversive art, she escapes alone to Central America, where she meets Dariel. Together they work to protect the environment and bring attention to the imprisoned artists in Cuba.

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  • Pedro & Daniel

    2023 by Erebia, Federico

    Two brothers growing up in 1970's Ohio learn how to grow into their own identities and navigate the harsh world around them--all while not losing their grip on the strong bond that unites them.

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  • Sincerely Sicily

    2023 by Burgess, Tamika

    When Sicily's 6th-grade presentation on her mixed background goes wrong, she rises above to honor her Black and Panamanian heritage and show her classmates the beauty of being multiracial.

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  • Lucha of the Night Forest

    2023 by Mejia, Tehlor Kay

    This Latin American-inspired fantasy follows Lucha in a dark adventure to save her sister that includes a dangerous bargain with El Sediento, an alliance with a goddess, and the very real breaking apart of her human soul.

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  • Into the Light

    2023 by Oshiro, Mark

    Manny has escaped Christ's Dominion, a menacing religious cult group, and found sanctuary with the Valera family. But the past isn't always so easy to leave behind.

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  • The Making of Yolanda La Bruja

    2023 by Avila, Lorraine

    When a Black Dominican teen has troubling visions about the new student at her high school, she must decide how much to trust her unique knowledge and the responsibility she holds in her community.

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  • The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School

    2022 by Reyes, Sonora

    When Yami is outed at her Catholic High School--by her unrequited love interest, no less--she must come to terms with the intolerance at her school, taking care of her troubled brother, and the expectations of her Mexican American family.

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  • Northranger

    2023 by Terciero, Rey

    Inspired by the gothic romance of Jane Austen, this graphic novel is about two boys on a Texas ranch who might fall in love, but who also might solve a good ghost story . . .

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  • Felice and the Wailing Woman

    2023 by López, Diana

    Felice's mother is the grieving ghost called La Llorona, and in this middle-grade adventure she travels to the Texas border to break the curse and free her mother's spirit.

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  • Borderless

    2023 by De Leon, Jennifer

    Maya and her mother have a promising future in Guatemala until they witness a crime and must flee through Mexico in the hope of crossing the U.S. border.

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