Fantastical Stories for Teens Who Love Role-Playing Adventures

By Grace Menary-Winefield

Jump from the tabletop to the book page in these exciting stories of elemental magic, dark shadows, and epic quests.

  • Terciel & Elinor

    2021 by Nix, Garth

    Two teens from different lands find themselves coming together in a fight of ancient and terrible magics in order to keep the Dead from returning to life.

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  • Spell Bound

    2023 by Lukens, F. T.

    Rook and Sun, two sorcerers' apprentices, must work together to save their mentors, or face losing their magic forever.

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  • Legends & Lattes: A Novel of High Fantasy and Low Stakes

    2022 by Baldree, Travis

    The orc barbarian Viv turns in her axe for an apron to open up Thune's first coffee shop--but her fresh start comes with old enemies, new partners, and more bravery than espresso can provide.

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  • Nimona

    2015 by Stevenson, Noelle

    Nimona is an impulsive young shapeshifter whose powers will come in handy as sidekick to supervillain, Lord Ballister Blackheart. But he soon discovers her powers are more dangerous than he ever knew.

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  • Dark Rise

    2021 by Pacat, C. S.

    Orphan Will is much more than a boy on the streets; he is descended from one of the greatest warriors in the world. In this historical fantasy, Will Kempen will find his heritage, discover his destiny, and face off against the Dark King.

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  • Coda

    2019 by Spurrier, Simon

    Part fantasy, part apocolypitic adventure, an awkward, antisocial bard named Hum journeys across a once wondrous, magical world with only a foul-tempered unicorn and his wits to protect him.

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  • Forest of Souls

    2020 by Lee, Lori M.

    For centuries, the Spider King has enforced peace through his mastery of souls--but he is quickly losing control. As a soul guide, young Sirscha must master her abilities in order to prevent a war between kingdoms and save the people she loves.

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  • Silver in the Bone

    2023 by Bracken, Alexandra

    To break her brother's curse, Tamsin Lark goes on a quest to find a powerful ring from Arthurian legend and finds herself up against dark magic and murderous thieves who want the ring for themselves.

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  • Gideon the Ninth

    2019 by Muir, Tamsyn

    A no-nonsense swordswoman becomes a bodyguard to a necromancer in a world of dark magic and vicious political intrigue--in space!

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  • Birthright

    2015 by Williamson, Joshua

    A year after Mickey Rhode's disappearance, the young boy returns to his family with a mission to destroy five mages residing on Earth.

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  • Realm Breaker

    2021 by Aveyard, Victoria

    The last of an ancient lineage, Corayne must journey with a band of unlikely companions--from assassins to immortal beings--to stand against an evil set on burning all kingdoms to ash.

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  • A Darker Shade of Magic

    2015 by Schwab, Victoria

    In a world where London is a portal to parallel universes, magician Kell must try to stop a sinister force threatening to upend it all.

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  • Dreams Lie Beneath

    2021 by Ross, Rebecca

    Clementine Madigan is a village warden against nightmares, but when she is unwittingly drawn into a magician's conflict she must unite with her rival to save the realm.

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  • The Adventure Zone

    2018 by McElroy, Clint

    Join an elf wizard, dwarf cleric, and human warrior for a Dungeons & Dragons adventure in graphic novel form--adapted from the hit podcast!

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  • Onyx & Ivory

    2018 by Arnett, Mindee

    Outcast and elemental magician Kate embarks on a quest to unravel her father's murder, but unexpectedly finds herself thrust into conflict with flightless dragons and falling in love with the king's son.

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  • Ladycastle

    2017 by Dawson, Delilah S.

    When all the men of Mancastle die, the women are left to guard the kingdom against werewolves, harpies, and other fantastical creatures.

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