Talk That Talk, Read That Book: Joyful K-Inspired Teen Fiction

By Grace Menary-Winefield

If you're as obsessed with K-Pop and K-dramas as we are, pick one (or all!) of these fantastically fun and often romantic teen novels.

  • Once Upon a K-Prom

    2022 by Cho, Kat

    Elena had no plans to go to prom, but when her childhood best friend returns she remembers the pact they had to go together. The only problem? He's now a K-Pop superstar.

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  • Flip the Script

    2022 by Lee, Lyla

    Hana knows everything there is about K-dramas, which is why she landed a starring role in the buzziest new show! But when she starts to fall for her costar and a rival for her part appears on-screen, she'll have to pull out all the stops to keep her place--and her heart--intact.

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  • The Noh Family

    2022 by Shim, Grace

    When Chloe travels to Seoul to meet her father's ultra-rich family, she begins to realize there was a reason her mother kept her away. Who can she trust in this new family full of secrets and drama?

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  • Seoulmates

    2022 by Lee, Susan

    Hannah is the only person in her group who doesn't love her Korean culture, and it's the reason her boyfriend dumped her. Now she must find a way to embrace a new side of herself, and she's enlisted the help of her childhood friend--who just so happens to be a K-drama celebrity.

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  • Made in Korea

    2021 by Suk, Sarah

    In this enemies-to-loves romance, two business-savvy students compete to rule the K-beauty scene at their high school. But amid the scheming, spying, and underhanded sabotage, could there also be love?

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  • I Guess I Live Here Now

    2022 by Ahn, Claire

    Melody is uprooted from her precious New York City and suddenly finds herself living in Seoul. Suffice it to say, she is not a fan. As she discovers new and exciting parts of the city and culture, can she reconnect to her identity and learn to embrace her new home?

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  • Fireworks

    2022 by Lin, Alice

    Lulu hasn't seen her childhood best friend Kite since he moved to South Korea to join a K-Pop group, but four years later, he's back! While she is determined to go back to the way things used to be, his fame and her developing feelings could get in the way.

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  • The Jasmine Project

    2021 by Ireland, Meredith

    In a story that would fit perfectly into any K-drama, Jasmine's giant, overprotective Korean family secretly arranges to use her high-school graduation party to introduce her to Orlando's most eligible men--and hilarity ensues!

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  • K-Pop Confidential

    2020 by Lee, Stephan

    Candace Park is an ordinary girl who won a coveted place at a K-Pop training program, and it should be a dream come true. But does she have what it takes, and is the price of perfection worth it?

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  • I'll Be the One

    2020 by Lee, Lyla

    Skye is ready to break into the world of K-Pop, and she won't be changing herself to do it! But as she rises to the top, she'll have to battle fat-phobic beauty standards, toxic media fame, and the perils of falling for her fellow competitor.

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  • Shine

    2020 by Jung, Jessica

    Written by an actual K-Pop superstar, this inspiring and shocking story is inspired by her real rise to fame, her recruitment to one of Seoul's largest K-Pop labels, and the dark scandals of the industry.

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  • XOXO

    2021 by Oh, Axie

    Secret romance and whirlwind courtship abound in this swoony story of a young girl following her dream of classical music, only to find her love life upended by a spontaneous stranger. And when this stranger happens to be involved in the world of K-Pop, does she follow her head or her heart?

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  • Somewhere Only We Know

    2019 by Goo, Maurene

    A K-Pop star and a part-time paparazzo fall for each other. What could do wrong? Or should we say, what could go joyfully, hilariously, and heartwarmingly right?

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