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Careers in Gaming

The experiential learning team is exploring games this summer, and all that research made us aware of jobs and even college scholarship opportunities in gaming. This list helps you explore current careers in gaming and Esports. What will the future bring? Recommended by Erica.

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Stealth, Smarts, and Skills: Stories for Aspiring Spies

Calling all aspiring spies! Here are some titles to get you sneaking, seeing clues, and solving puzzles. The game is afoot.

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Food in Fiction Picture Books

Food seems like it's everywhere, or maybe we're just hungry all the time. These books are some of our favorites that feature food, from donuts to bao to muffins.

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Interesting Ingredients

The experiential learning team is fascinated by all sorts of ingredients, from those found in food to makeup to medicine and more.

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BOOMbox at Home: Elements

Enjoy some of our favorite picture books about the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Which one is your favorite?

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Exploring Elemental Creatures

Explore the elemental creatures from myths and legends around the world with these books for kids and teens. Recommended by Eli O.

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Interactive Adventures

These books allow you to control the story. Will you survive until the end? Explore different pathways through each story, and see how your choices change the ending. You can always go back and make a different decision. Recommended by Eli O.

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