BOOMbox at Home: Elements

By Skokie Staff BOOMbox

Enjoy some of our favorite picture books about the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Which one is your favorite?

  • Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

    2015 by Messner, Kate

    This beautifully illustrated picture book takes readers on a journey in the garden, exploring the steps of planning, planting, and harvesting. If you're hesitant about digging into real dirt, this book lets you see all the action without the mess. Recommended by Pam.

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  • Under Your Feet

    2020 by Stroud, Jacqueline L.

    Take a journey underground in this book--you might be surprised by some of the findings! Plus, the included experiments are super fun. Recommended by Pam.

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  • The Water Walker

    2017 by Robertson, Joanne

    Following the story of an Ojibwe grandmother, this book raises awareness about our need to protect water, demonstrating how connected we are to the environment and why it is up to us to protect it. Recommended by Frannie.

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  • Solar Story: How One Community Lives Alongside the World's Biggest Solar Plant

    2020 by Drummond, Allan

    Do you know where the largest solar plant in the world is? Take a trip to Morocco with this book and learn how a community is making the most of its challenging desert environment with the power of sun science. Recommended by Amy H.

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  • Mario and the Hole in the Sky: How a Chemist Saved Our Planet

    2019 by Rusch, Elizabeth

    This book follows the curiosity of a boy interested in saving the earth's ozone layer, which is clearly important for all of us living here. Mario Molina demonstrates how anyone interested in asking questions and learning to find their answers can make a huge positive impact on the world. Recommended by Amy H.

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  • Compost: A Family Guide to Making Soil from Scraps

    2014 by Raskin, Ben

    If you like games, worms, and dirt, this book shows you the different ways you can compost food scraps to help your backyard garden and the environment. Recommended by Pam.

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  • We Are Water Protectors

    2020 by Lindstrom, Carole

    This book is inspired by Indigenous-led movements in protecting water, a necessary and universally needed natural resource for all of us living on Earth. Recommended by Frannie.

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  • Is All Soil the Same?

    2016 by Lawrence, Ellen

    Did you know that some soil is orange or red? And some soil is actually really hard like a rock? This book answers so many questions about soil and has amazing photographs that really show that not all soil is the same. Recommended by Pam.

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