Food in Fiction Picture Books

By Skokie Staff BOOMbox

Food seems like it's everywhere, or maybe we're just hungry all the time. These books are some of our favorites that feature food, from donuts to bao to muffins.

  • How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

    2005 by Yolen, Jane

    This book is adorable and silly. I loved seeing all the different types of dinosaurs! There are also lots of good reminders of how to behave at the dinner table, unless you want to be a worse dinner date than a dinosaur! Recommended by Eli O.

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  • If You Give a Moose a Muffin

    1991 by Numeroff, Laura Joffe

    Follow the friendship of a kid and a moose who bond over muffins. Moose is easily distracted, and it's fun to see where their train of thought takes us. And now I want to make muffins. Recommended by Eli O.

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  • On Account of the Gum

    2020 by Rex, Adam

    Like If You Give A Moose A Muffin, this story shows how things can quickly get out of hand. Will a bit of gum in our hero's hair ruin picture day or a birthday? Something I found really striking about this book is the beauty of the hand-lettered, multicolored text. Recommended by Eli O.

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  • Norma and Belly

    2020 by Song, Mika

    How far would you go for a donut? Norma and Belly, two inventive squirrels, use their brains to get their hands on some delicious donuts to share with their squirrel friends. I thought this was a super fun comic book with lots of opportunities for giggles. Recommended by Michelle

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  • Rutabaga the Adventure Chef

    2015 by Colossal, Eric

    Rutabaga (Ru) is an adventurer, but instead of using weapons or magic, Ru helps his team with his cooking skills. We meet all kinds of interesting creatures: a living pot, dragons, and more. This graphic novel made me laugh out loud. In addition to the fantasy recipes that appear in every chapter, the end of the book includes a few recipes with ingredients you can actually find at your grocery store. Recommended by Eli O.

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  • Our Little Kitchen

    2020 by Tamaki, Jillian

    This book is a colorful, heartwarming splash across the page, much like a hearty vegetable stew. It’s also a story of how a diverse community of people work together to make sure that everyone is well fed. Recommended by Michelle

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  • Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao

    2019 by Zhang, Kat

    Making steamed buns is a social affair, where everyone, young to old, chips in. But if you’ve ever tried to crimp a bun, you’ll know how hard it is! Amy certainly finds it tricky. I loved how this book explores Amy’s journey toward making her differences work for her. Recommended by Michelle.

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  • Every Night Is Pizza Night

    2020 by López-Alt, J. Kenji

    Pizza is the best, but how does it compare to other foods from around the world? The only way to find out is to do a proper scientific test. I gave this book to my nieces and they enjoyed it! Recommended by Michelle.

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  • Possum Magic

    1983 by Fox, Mem

    This is a classic Australian picture book about the magic of delicious food, where an adorable fluffy possum goes on an adventure trying out lots of different kinds of food. Recommended by Michelle, who grew up in Australia eating vegemite sandwiches just like Hush the possum.

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  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    2001 by Dahl, Roald

    Upon taking a trip to a famous chocolate factory, Charlie gets to try some strange sweets. But, as his companions discover, these candies can have serious side effects if you don't follow instructions. Real life versions of some of Wonka's treats have even been released. After finishing this book, try one of the movie adaptations or the sequel, which features Charlie going to space. Recommended by Eli O.

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  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

    1999 by Barrett, Judi

    In the town of Chewandswallow, it rains food. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Unfortunately, the residents quickly learn that there can definitely be too much of a good thing. I read this book as a kid, but I can still vividly imagine some of the pictures many years later. Once you finish this one, check out the sequels or the movie. Recommended by Eli O.

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