Interactive Adventures

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These books allow you to control the story. Will you survive until the end? Explore different pathways through each story, and see how your choices change the ending. You can always go back and make a different decision. Recommended by Eli O.

  • Big Trouble

    2018 by Forbeck, Matt

    Giants are attacking your peaceful forest home. Will you escape or fight? How will you protect your family? Whether you end up using magic to trick your enemies, getting adopted by trees, or fighting a dragon, you're sure to stay on the edge of your seat throughout this adventure. I like that this story has a good mixture of serious situations and funny moments. If you enjoy this book, read some of the other books in the Endless Quest series and try your hand at being a cleric, fighter, or rogue.

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  • To Catch a Thief

    2018 by Forbeck, Matt

    After being caught trying to pick the pocket of one of the leaders of the city, you're faced with the first of many choices: go to jail, or steal from the head of the thieves' guild? Will you flee the city or recover a stolen baby gryphon? I enjoyed all of the different factions in this story. Choose your allies carefully! If you enjoy this book, read some of the other books in the Endless Quest series and try your hand at being a cleric or fighter.

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  • An Obi-Wan & Anakin Adventure

    2019 by Scott, Cavan

    In this story, you take control of Anakin, working with some of your favorite Star Wars characters. Unlike most of the stories in this list, this adventure has a specific goal for the ending. If you follow another path, you're encouraged to go back and try to make better choices. I enjoyed trying to "win" this story! For more Star Wars stories, check out the rest of the Choose Your Destiny series.

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  • Zombie Penpal

    2010 by McMurtry, Ken

    The new girl in your school looks like a pen pal you haven't heard from in years. Could it be her? As you investigate this mystery, you'll encounter mad scientists, strange rituals, and all sorts of supernatural fun. If you're like me and wish every day could be Halloween, this story is for you! This book is part of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

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  • Blood on the Handle

    2010 by Montgomery, R. A.

    You come home to find a bloody knife in your uncle's office. He's nowhere to be found, and it's up to you to figure out what happened. I liked that, in this story, the different pathways aren't just different ways of solving the same mystery. Different choices will get you completely different endings! This book is part of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

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  • Terror on the Titanic

    2011 by Wallace, Jim

    Could you survive the sinking of the Titanic? Maybe you could even save the ship! This story, inspired by the famous shipwreck, is more focused on fun than on historical accuracy, but the ship makes for a really interesting setting. The iceberg isn't the only challenge here. The ship is full of secrets for you to discover. There are lots of choices to make, and it has enough text between decision points to make it feel a bit more like a book than a game. This book is part of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

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  • Stealing Nazi Secrets in World War II: An Interactive Espionage Adventure

    2016 by Raum, Elizabeth

    This adventure, based on the stories of real people, features three different types of spies in World War II. When I think about a spy, I usually picture someone undercover, so I enjoyed seeing other types of spies, like pilots taking flyover photos of restricted spaces. The last section of the book has more information about the real history, including some of the people who inspired the characters in the story.

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  • Hurricane Katrina: An Interactive Modern History Adventure

    2014 by Hoena, B. A.

    In this story, you become part of a real-life adventure.Three different sections let you take on various roles. The decisions and outcomes are based on real challenges people faced during this natural disaster. I thought this was a really interesting way to learn about recent history. I definitely felt more emotionally connected to the people involved here than I would just reading a normal article or book.

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  • Can You Survive Extreme Mountain Climbing? An Interactive Survival Adventure

    2013 by Doeden, Matt

    Get a taste of mountain climbing from the comfort of your couch! Choose among three different destinations and try to tackle fatigue, weather, and other complications. This book really highlighted the level of knowledge, luck, and skill needed to complete these climbs. Sometimes, making all the right choices still leads to a disappointing ending, but that only makes the successes even more satisfying.

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