Staff Profile: Mick Jacobsen, Learning Experiences Manager

Hello, I am Mick Jacobsen one of the Learning Experiences Managers here at Skokie Public Library. I help set the vision for the many of the places and programs we offer. I consider my staff to be the "mad scientists" of the library. We try all kinds of cool things to bring learning opportunities to Skokie. You'll see me working at almost every desk, and I oversee things like the public computers spaces, study rooms, and digital media labs. Check out how one particular patron, Nick, uses the DML to edit video.

My staff also runs the BOOMbox: 188 square feet of cool tools that will inspire kids, teens, and adults to make, create, and explore. The BOOMbox is located in Youth Services on the first floor, but it's not just for kids. We rotate themes in the space regularly, so there's always something new to do and learn. Look for a Textiles-themed rotation this fall!

I'm also involved with 3D printing services, the abundant technology classes we offer, various gadgets available for circulation like GoPro cameras and Blu-Ray burners, STEAM kits, and pretty much every other unusual thing the library is doing.

I am always in the midst of many top secret projects, if you have a crazy/ amazing idea you think the library should consider? I am all ears! Please contact me at *EMAIL*.