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Meghan White

Media Specialist: Photographer

Communications and Multimedia Engagement

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Handmade Holidays

Take inspiration for handmade gifts this season from these book lists and gifts staff have made or received.

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Meet the Safety Team

Get to know our safety team and how they create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone who comes to and works at the library.

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Summer Photo Recap

The library staff photographer looks back on some of her favorite photos from the summer.

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Photography for Kids

As the library's staff photographer, I know that photography is super fun and possible for kids to do. Plus, now that we have camera phones, anyone can take pictures easily and just about anywhere. Want to get started? With these books, you’ll learn about the history of photography, important photographers, tips and tricks, and even get to try your hand at experiments and simple projects and prompts. You’re going to have a blast–I can just picture it!

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Great Ideas for Photography Gifts

Photography is a fun and creative medium for creating unique, handmade gifts that capture beloved moments, memories, and more. These books offer hundreds of ideas for photography gifts and projects that you can share with your loved ones, as well as tips, tricks, and terms of digital photography that'll help you make great photos.

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