Fun Things to Do for All Ages

Here are some great activities you can do at home. Check out even more ideas for kids and adults.

Arts and Crafts

Get creative! Check out tutorials on our YouTube Events channel, including how to make a DIY journal or quilt square.

Or download easy PDF instructions for creating your own masterpieces using materials you already have at home:


Already played all of the board games you own? Learn how to make your own, or try one of these:


Learning right in your backyard or kitchen! Watch science videos on our YouTube Events channel, or download an activity sheet: 

Looking for even more ideas? Try our BOOMbox at Home resources


In the tenth episode of our Book Chat series, where library staff recommend great reads, Jarrett and Caitlin join Allyson and Becca to talk graphic novels for every age.


Download an activity sheet with some ideas to get you out and about:



The library has activities and resources to observe Emancipation Day from wherever you are: