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Read all summer long!

June 1 marks the first day of Summer Reading! Don't have your booklet yet? You can pick up your Summer Reading booklet the next time you're at the library or on the bookmobile. To participate in this year's challenge, you can read, write, share, make, experience, and even more! If you need help deciding what activities you can do, we've included some examples below.  

Read Anything and Everything

Our staff loves recommending books! You can filter our reading lists by interest or age. Browse our many genres with books by authors with a fresh perspective. 

Create a Zine

Zines are a fun way to document and share stories about anything that interests you. Learn about the different formats zines can take, how to draft and develop content for your own 8-page zine, and explore colors and shapes.

What's Your Next Read?

Tell us about the types of books that you've enjoyed and we'll send you book recommendations! Complete the Bookmatch form and our expert advisory staff will send you a customized list of books that we think you'll enjoy. 

Make Bubbles!

What exactly are bubbles made out of? Explore all things bubbles with Ms. Caitlin and Desi, and learn how to make your own!

Fun Things to Do for Kids and Families

Arts and crafts, science and nature, music, play, and of course--storytime anytime! 

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Fun Things to Do for All Ages

Get creative, get outside, learn something new, or find something to celebrate!

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Fun Things to Do for Adults

Find recipes and food science, book recommendations, engage with history and culture, and more.

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