Fun Things to Do

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Going back to school 

Summer vacation is over and the school year marks a fresh start. Anything is possible as students enter new classrooms, make new friends, and explore new subjects. We've curated activities that will prepare you for the new school year and help you stay organized, all while having fun!

Make a Vision Board

Make plans and goals for the future by making a collage or vision board! A vision board is a collage of mixed media, usually images and text, of a person's intentions and wishes. Create a vision board by using materials you can find at home. 

Use Science to Make Grilled Cheese

Perfect your lunchtime meal with science! Through cooking techniques and the everyday kitchen equipment, you'll make a flavorful and gooey grilled cheese sandwich.  

Read Back-to-School Stories

Our youth librarians know books, and they have books for you and your family to discuss going back to school. From riding the school bus, to reminding everyone it's rude to eat your classmates, these books have something for everyone. 

Fun Things to Do for Kids and Families

Arts and crafts, science and nature, music, play, and of course--storytime anytime! 

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Fun Things to Do for All Ages

Get creative, get outside, learn something new, or find something to celebrate!

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Fun Things to Do for Adults

Find recipes and food science, book recommendations, engage with history and culture, and more.

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