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Summer Reading

Have some neighborhood adventures (and lots of fun)! Pick up a map at the library or bookmobile, or track your progress online. Here are some activities to inspire you.

Summer Reading Adventures: Cloud Creations

Are you inspired by the Adventures for Your Senses activity that asks you to draw, take photos, record, or write a poem about clouds? Try making your own cloud creations using ingredients commonly found around the house!

Breezy Summer Reads Family Book Club: Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

Read, discuss, and share in an activity about this picture book written by Joana Ho and illustrated by Dung Ho.

Breezy Summer Reads Family Book Club: Dragons & Marshmallows

Read, discuss, and then design your own magical creature with this Breezy Summer Reads pick.

Storytime at Home: Let’s Go on an Adventure

Go on an adventure with these reading recommendations and activities for your own storytime at home.

Fun Things to Do for Kids and Families

Arts and crafts, science and nature, music, play, and of course--storytime anytime! 

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Fun Things to Do for All Ages

Get creative, get outside, learn something new, or find something to celebrate!

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Fun Things to Do for Adults

Find recipes and food science, book recommendations, engage with history and culture, and more.

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