Fun Things to Do

Each week our staff creates a list of fun activities, videos, and other online resources to keep you happy and entertained at home.  

Here are this week's activities:

Featured Activity

The Owl and the Grasshopper (Kids)

Skokie Public Library staff members teamed up with local kids to turn their art into an animated short story! Staff and kids worked together to discuss music and sound effects, and draw characters with their own unique style. Enjoy their final product, The Owl and the Grasshopper, adapted from Aesop's fable of the same title.


Breezy Summer Reads DIY Family Book Club: Crossings

Discuss and enjoy activities based on the book Crossings: Extraordinary Structures for Extraordinary Animals, which is one of our Breezy Summer Reads titles for the summer. Breezy Summer Reads are perfect for readers in kindergarten through second grade.

Fun with Math: Data Analysis

Math is all around us, and your toddler has been developing math ideas and skills from the moment of birth. Explore data analysis with your little one by asking questions like “How many?” and trying some fun math activities.

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