Fun Things to Do

Each week our staff creates a list of fun activities, videos, and other online resources to keep you happy and entertained at home.  

Here are this week's activities:

Featured Activity

Be the Artist: Painterly Leaf Art (Kids and Families)

This leaf art activity is a simple way to enjoy leaf rubbings and beautiful spontaneous color play while working with negative space.


STEAM Engines: Tornadoes

Sometimes knowing facts about a dangerous thing makes it less scary. In this episode of STEAM Engines, Desi tells us about tornadoes and demonstrates a do-at-home vortex you can make in your own kitchen.

You can also find resources and recommendations from our staff.


BOOMbox at Home: Ciphers and Codes

Explore different types of ciphers and codes, a method used throughout history to encrypt and keep messages secret. Learn about different types of ciphers, then create your own scytale cipher. You can even try your hand at decoding messages from World War II-era Navajo code talkers.


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