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Journey to Space 

Some parts of North America can view a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. While the eclipse will only last a few minutes, there is plenty to explore when it comes to space. We've found some fun activities that are perfect for curious minds of all ages. 

Create a Galaxy Spiral

If you've visited the NASA website, you've probably seen pictures of galaxies and noticed their beautiful spirals. Grab some chalk and black construction paper, and you can recreate a galaxy spiral

Make Your Own Space-Themed Ice Cream

Ice cream is a fun treat to eat and create; you can even space-related toppings! Chocolate chips could be meteors, sprinkles could be stars, or pieces of cookie dough could be planets. Create your own universe!

Experiment with Gravity Art

Gravity watercolor painting is a fun activity for all ages to learn the concepts of gravity and viscosity.  Create a design and see how you can create art using the laws of gravity. 

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