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Summer Reading  

From Thursday, June 1 to Monday, July 31, you can participate in activities and earn prizes! We've selected some activities to help you complete your Summer Reading booklet and connect with your community!

Write a Letter to a Friend 

There is something magical about putting pen to paper. It makes you slow down and really think about what you want to say. Instead of sending a text or email, consider sending a handwritten letter to a friend or relative.  

Explore Chicago's Historic Motor Row District 

Chicago is well known for its meat packing history, but did you know that it's also home to the largest intact early "motor colony" in the United States? History Edutainment Speaker Barbara Barrett dives into the history and explores the historic Motor Row. 

Make a Kindness Tree 

Show your community spirit by uplifting your neighbors! With a friend or grown-up, discuss why being kind is important and fill out the Kindness Tree's leaves each time you or someone you know does an act of kindness.

Read this Summer

We've selected books that are perfect for all ages! Whether you're a reader in grades K-8, someone who is looking to lose themself in fiction, or someone who wants to learn something new, we've got something for everyone! 

Fun Things to Do for Kids and Families

Arts and crafts, science and nature, music, play, and of course--storytime anytime! 

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Fun Things to Do for All Ages

Get creative, get outside, learn something new, or find something to celebrate!

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Fun Things to Do for Adults

Find recipes and food science, book recommendations, engage with history and culture, and more.

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