A Night in Venice

By Jane Hanna

The canals, the music, the food—Venice is a one-of-a-kind city that has served as the backdrop for many movies, TV shows, and books. Here's a small gondola full of our favorites.

  • Brunetti's Cookbook

    2009 by Roberta Pianaro

    Donna Leon's Commissario Guido Brunetti has sleuthed around Venice in 25 novels since the early 90s. This cookbook tie-in investigates all the local flavors.

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  • The Silver Spoon

    The bible of Italian cooking for generations, Cucchiaio d'argento is here translated into English for your delicious perusal.

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  • Bread & Tulips

    2001 by Silvio Soldini

    Rosalba, a forty-something Italian housewife taken utterly for granted by her husband and children, is accidentally left behind at a roadside restaurant. She decides to take a solo mini vacation, ending up in a small corner of Venice where she finds new friends and opportunities.

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  • The Serpent of Venice

    2014 by Christopher Moore

    This mash-up of Othello and The Merchant of Venice is a little bit Shakespeare and a lot bit Christopher Moore. Full of laughs, otherworldly beings, and of course, a sea monster, Moore manages to turn two tragedies into a rollicking adventure story.

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  • The Venetian Bargain

    2014 by Marina Fiorato

    It’s 1576 and Venice is in the midst of battling the bubonic plague. Architect Andrea Palladio has been commissioned to build the greatest church of his career as an appeal to God and to save Venice but it is up to Annibale Cason, the city’s finest plague doctor, to save Palladio. A novel that combines mystery and history where Venice takes center stage.

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  • Casanova

    2006 by Lasse Hallström

    Heath Ledger stars as the legendary lover, but this version, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, has a fun twist. The notorious womanizer falls in love with an independent minded feminist (Sienna Miller). The costumes are gorgeous and the scenery breathtaking. Romantic comedy never looked so good.

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  • Casino Royale

    2007 by Martin Campbell

    Introducing Daniel Craig as 007, and he’s in the City of Canals (at least for part of the movie). Shaken not stirred martinis aside, an intense high stakes poker game with a weapons dealer leads to a knockout ending. Bond plus Venice is a sure bet.

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  • Bella Fortuna

    2012 by Rosanna Chiofalo

    Valentina DeLuca is ready to start her perfect life just as soon as she marries the perfect man in the perfect place, Venice. Not surprisingly, things don’t go as planned but Valentina finds that in a magical city like Venice, life is about making the best with what you have. A light-hearted romance that is perfect for a vacation or staycation.

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  • Dangerous Beauty

    1998 by Marshall Herskovitz

    Lushly photographed, this flick takes you back to 16th century Venice and into the extraordinary life of Venetian courtesan Veronica Franco (Catherine McCormack). The complexities of love, politics, war, and hypocrisy are there, along with a terrific co-starring performance from Rufus Sewell.

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  • Italian for Beginners

    2002 by Anders Berthelsen

    A Danish dramedy loosely inspired by the book Evening Class by Maeve Binchy. The story centers on a group of lonely adults who sign up for an introductory course in Italian. The class has unexpected effects on them, as they interact among themselves and and the other people in their lives. To mark the end of the term, the group plans an excursion to Venice to put what they learned into practice.

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  • The Abomination : a novel

    2013 by Jonathan Holt

    If you want a crime investigation with your Venice setting – look no further. A body has been left on the steps of a landmark church in Venice and it's up to Captain Kat Tapo to convince her superiors that things aren’t as straightforward as they appears. This intricate mystery will keep you guessing.

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  • The Tourist


    It’s an action-packed romantic thriller featuring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp that doubles as a travelogue. The picturesque locations take center stage, as the cat and mouse plot begins in Paris and then moves to Venice. Pull up your favorite armchair and enjoy the trip.

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  • The Thief Lord

    2005 by Richard Claus

    Here’s a movie that the entire family can enjoy. Based on the novel by popular children’s author Cornelia Funke, two orphaned brothers flee to Venice to escape their cruel aunt. The Thief Lord, a mysterious, mask-wearing teenager who watches over a band of runaway street urchins, takes them in. Yes, there is magic.

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  • The Weeping Woman : a novel

    2016 by Zoé Valdés

    Promising Surrealist artist Dora Maar had her career derailed after becoming meeting Pablo Picasso's mistress and eventually ending up in an asylum thanks to his friends. A young writer writing a book about Dora believes that a mysterious trip to Venice might be the key to what happened to her. A beautiful interweaving of past and present populated by the artists of the time.

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