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Jane Hanna

Communications and Multimedia Engagement Manager

Communications and Multimedia Engagement

Jane manages the Communications and Multimedia Engagement department, overseeing a team of expert web development, media production, graphic design, and content professionals who work together to produce an outstanding print, web, and social media presence for the library. She's an experienced writer and editor with a background in arts marketing and museums. She's also a music teacher and performer.


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No More Overdue Fines on Youth Materials

On May 1, overdue fines on youth materials went away.

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Winter Reading 2017

The weather may be frightful, but ​Winter Reading is delightful!

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School Supplies for Fines

​The week of August 1-7, Skokie Public Library will be accepting school supplies to offset overdue fines on your account.

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Kill Your Idols: Punk Memoirs

Some loud books about loud people from in and around the CBGB's scene.

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Hack the Planet

What's the clacking sound? It's furious typing on an outdated keyboard! With improbable graphics and interfaces, ridiculous raver fashions, and a whole lot of Jolt cola, these movies invite you to jack into a slick, sometimes silly world of ones and zeros. Thanks to my cool colleague Sharon for her contributions to this list. You're elite!

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A Night in Venice

The canals, the music, the food—Venice is a one-of-a-kind city that has served as the backdrop for many movies, TV shows, and books. Here's a small gondola full of our favorites.

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Morbid Microhistories

Death! Disaster! Destruction! Disease! These titles offer a focused look at some slightly darker subject matter. Not for the faint of heart—or stomach.

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Pie Fight!

The Library of Congress recently announced that it had located the second reel of Laurel and Hardy’s 1927 film The Battle of the Century, which had been missing for 60 years, and purportedly contained the most epic pie-in-the-face scene in all of cinematic history. While we don't yet have a copy of that in circulation, here are some other classic dessert fights we think are totally sweet.

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