Gratitude for Families with Young Kids

By Christie Robinson

Sometimes I wish my daughters were still little. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to choose some great picture books for you to share with the little ones in your life, along with a wonderful little book, translated from French, on meditation for children.

  • The Thank You Book

    2016 by Willems, Mo

    Piggie takes on gratitude, and Elephant is worried that someone will be left out. There's a bit of suspense and a surprise ending that will delight everyone reading this book.

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  • Thank You and Good Night

    2015 by McDonnell, Patrick

    This lovely bedtime book will probably lead to you and your child adding what was good about your day to the list in the book. What a great way to drift off to sleep!

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  • Thank You Bees

    2017 by Yuly, Toni

    My favorite lines in this celebration of the natural world: "Dirt gives us plants. Thank you, dirt." Not everybody remembers how important dirt is! The bold illustrations are great, too.

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  • Look and Be Grateful

    2015 by DePaola, Tomie

    A tiny gem. Tomie dePaola invites us to open our eyes and see the gifts that every day brings us.

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  • Thanks a Million

    2006 by Grimes, Nikki

    These 16 poems remind us how powerful a simple "thank you" can be, and the many ways we can express our thanks.

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  • The Thank You Dish

    2017 by Balla, Trace

    At dinnertime in Australia, a girl makes some intriguing connections to her meal as she goes through the contributions to her yummy dinner. You might expect her to thank her mother for cooking. But, "Thank you, alpaca"? Yes, alpaca, and many more!

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  • There, There

    2017 by Beiser, Tim

    Rabbit is crabby and out of sorts, and Bear puts up with his complaints for awhile. Eventually, Bear shows Rabbit, in a surprise ending, how to better appreciate what they have.

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  • Andy and the Lion: A Tale of Kindness Remembered or the Power of Gratitude

    1989 by Daugherty, James Henry

    Written in 1938, this award-winning picture book is definitely a glimpse into a world long gone. However, the sentiments are timeless. And it features a library book!

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  • Bear Says Thanks

    2012 by Wilson, Karma

    Bear is unhappy. His friends stop by with contributions for a feast, and Bear's cupboard is bare. They remind him that his company and stories are enough, and they all share and have a lovely time.

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  • Ten Thank-you Letters

    2014 by Kirk, Daniel

    In this charming story, Pig is writing a thank-you note to his grandma. Hare keeps interrupting him and gets many ideas for writing his own thank-you notes. A cute concept!

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  • The Magic of Meditation: Stories and Practices to Develop Gratitude and Empathy with Your Child

    2018 by Champeaux-Cunin, Marie-Christine

    Parents, here is a brief yet useful overview of meditation and how it can be worthwhile for parents and kids as young as 3. It also includes specific instructions and stories of Yupsi the Little Dragon that you can use with your little ones.

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  • Giving Thanks: More Than 100 Ways to Say Thank You

    2016 by Surrey, Ellen

    This book is very busy, and will appeal to kids who like to have lots of things to look at on a page. It also includes lots of practical ideas that families can put to good use.

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