The Librarian Is in: Bookmatches Online

Librarian making book recommendation

We are finding ourselves making more and more connections online. You can find us on most social media platforms, and we even offer services like on-the-go book recommendations. At various times, we invite you to contact us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to receive personalized book recommendations based on what you've been reading recently. 

#MiniBookMatch happened like so many things happened in 2020--out of a desire to connect with people about books while we were out of the library building. We missed having conversations about books and we were looking for a way to replicate that experience online. For more than 10 years, we have been providing customized book recommendations through Bookmatch and it continues to be one of our most popular offerings. We decided to adjust the Bookmatch format and recommend books on social media, and #MiniBookMatch, or mini bookmatch, was born. 

Mini bookmatch was immediately successful, as others were just as eager to have these conversations as we were. While it has evolved slightly over the past two years, the heart of the concept remains the same--we want an opportunity to talk about and suggest books for those who might not be able to make it into the library to talk to us face to face. 

We host mini bookmatches quarterly, and upcoming mini bookmatches will be announced on social media. To join the fun, participants will be asked to drop a comment answering a specific prompt. Once we receive your answer, our advisory staff will spend some time choosing three books that we think you’ll love based on your interests. We’ll fulfill book recommendations for 24 hours each time, so feel free to send multiple requests.

Our next mini bookmatch will be Tuesday, March 7. 

If you’re looking for other opportunities to receive online recommendations, you can also participate in our classic Bookmatch. By completing a Bookmatch form, you’ll receive a custom list of titles compiled by our expert readers' advisory staff. If you’re looking for a TV series or film to watch, we have Screenmatch as well. Of course, you can always come to the library and speak with us directly. We would love the opportunity to chat about books (and more!) with you.