Fun Things to Do (April 2021)

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BOOMbox at Home: Chia Seed Egg Heads

Create your own cute character with chia seed sprout hair! When you’re finished, left-over egg shells can be used in compost.

BOOMbox at Home: Nature Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are an amazing way to help grow gardens and to repopulate wildflower areas. Seed bombs are another biodegradable way to start seeds in your garden.

BOOMbox at Home: Soil Horizons Dirt Cup

Enjoy a simple, tasty way to visualize soil horizons is by making this soil layer snack.

Fun with Math: Shapes

Math is all around us, and your toddler has been developing math ideas and skills from the moment they were born. Everything around us has a shape. Understanding shapes helps your little one make sense of the world around them and even helps foster pre-reading skills.

Storytime at Home: Earth Day

You and your little one can enjoy storytime at home to celebrate Earth Day.

BOOMbox at Home: Candy Art

Candy may be fun to eat, but you can also use it as part of this science project. Enjoy some science and art before eating any leftovers.

Storytime at Home: Stories in Rhyme

You and your little one can enjoy storytime at home to celebrate National Poetry Month. Rhyming, like singing, helps your little one develop skills that get them ready to learn to read.

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BOOMbox at Home: Poetry Resource Guide

Kick off National Poetry Month by revisiting our guide to getting started with poetry.

BOOMbox at Home: Blackout Poetry

Blackout poetry is a fun way to draw inspiration from existing text to create your own poetry. Turn an old newspaper, book, or magazine into a new work of art, or print out a copy of your favorite story or poem and make it your own!


Book Chat Chapter 18: Perspectives

Allyson and Becca are joined by Jimmy for this episode of Book Chat, where library staff share their current and favorite recent reads. All of the titles they talk about in this episode offer an exploration of perspectives and perceptions.