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Amy Koester

Learning Experiences Manager

Learning Experiences

Amy oversees library programs for children and families. She serves on the board of the Association for Library Service to Children and is always eager to talk about kids' books, Jane Austen, and space opera.


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National Library Week 2019

We’re excited to welcome you to the library during National Library Week 2019!

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Food for Fines

For the entire month of November, Skokie Public Library will be accepting food donations to offset overdue fines on your account.

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Skokie Solar Eclipse Party

Were you among the hundreds of people who watched the 2017 solar eclipse with library staff on Skokie's Village Green?

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There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

I have a brother, but I've always been interested in the dynamics that seem to exist between sisters. Maybe it's due to seeing my mother's relationships with her own two sisters. I've collected both fiction and nonfiction that explore the depths of these sisterly relationships--the love, the loathing, the closeness, and the isolation.

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Special Structures

Sometimes you read a book and marvel at the characters or plot, and sometimes you read a book and marvel at how the author constructed the story itself. If you're looking for engaging books with interesting framing structures, this list is for you.

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Favorites from Ethan Long

Children's book author/ illustrator Ethan Long is visiting the library November 20, 2015 and we are very excited! We'd like to share some of our favorites among his books.

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Surprising Speakers

Sometimes a good story becomes a great one because of a key factor: the narrator. Whether they have an unexpected narrator or a narrator whose voice cannot be fully trusted, these novels tell great and unexpected stories.

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Families are Complicated

Tolstoy famously started Anna Karenina with the line: "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Happy and unhappy is well and good, but what about the quirks and complications that come with family ties? These novels are rife with it--and may just make you want to call your family to say you didn't have it that bad after all.

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Great Reads for a Classroom Visit

When you're invited to read a book to a classroom of early elementary school children the pressure is on to choose a great read-aloud story. Any of the titles on this list are sure to be a success during your next classroom visit.

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