Fun Things to Do (March 2021)

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BOOMbox at Home: DIY Fire Extinguisher

Want to make your own basic fire extinguisher? This experiment is no replacement for a real fire extinguisher, but it is a fun way to put out a candle and learn about the science of combustion.

BOOMbox at Home: Creating a Gas

Mixing together baking soda and vinegar is a fun way to learn about chemical reactions that create gases. This is an easy experiment that anyone can do with common household items.

BOOMbox at Home: Fart Chart

Farts can be loud and smelly, but do you know how to make the loudest and smelliest fart ever? Run this experiment to find out what foods give you the loudest and smelliest farts.

BOOMbox Live: Periscopes

Experiential Learning Specialists Erica and Mahnoor share the history and science behind periscopes and walk you through making your very own with household materials.

BOOMbox at Home: DIY Paper Pinwheels

The best way to learn more about how windmills work is to make your own miniature windmill. These DIY paper pinwheels are a great way to take advantage of a windy day.

Rise and Shine Storytime: The Trouble with Penguins

Join Ms. Mary for another episode of Rise and Shine Storytime as she reads The Trouble with Penguins by Rebecca Jordan-Glum.

Storytime at Home: Mighty Girls and Fantastic Women

Enjoy storytime from home with books, songs, and more to celebrate girls and women this Women’s History Month.

BOOMbox at Home: Plastic Bag Parachute

Recycle a plastic bag to create a parachute. After finishing this project, your toys will be ready for all sorts of sky-diving adventures.

Storytime at Home: Winter

You and your little one can enjoy storytime at home. Share some stories, songs, and activities to explore the winter season.

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Be the Artist: Amy Sherald and Mixed Media Portraits

Explore and honor the art of Amy Sherald, the painter of Michelle Obama’s official portrait. Create a mixed media portrait in the style of Sherald’s work.

BOOMbox at Home: Edible Candle

No candles? No problem! Make an edible candle in minutes using supplies you may already have in your kitchen.

Be the Artist: Lee Bontecou and Charcoal Art

Lee Bontecou is known for her paintings and sculptures that seem to come off the walls. While working on a sculpture, she noticed the soot from a blow torch was the blackest black she had ever seen, and she used it for her drawings. Try drawing worlds like Bontecou.

Be the Artist: Louise Bourgeois and Animal Images

Louise Bourgeois was a French-American artist whose art is deeply rooted in her personal life experiences. She is probably most known for her large scale spider sculptures that can be seen outside of many art museums. The spider represents her mother, who was a tapestry artist. Create your own animal images embodying the essence of a beloved person in your life.

Be the Artist: Wendy Red Star and Photo Mixed Media Art

Wendy Red Star works with photographs that she and her family have taken as well as archival photographs that are kept in museums. With Wendy Red Star’s art in mind, take old photographs and make them into art.

Be the Artist: Betye Saar and Sheroes

Betye Saar is a contemporary assemblage artist in California who tells visual stories with her art. Assemblage art is made with three-dimensional objects. With Betye Saar’s art and the beginning of Women’s History Month in mind, create a shero. A shero is a hero/heroine who fights for human rights. Who is your shero?


Food Science for the Win: Udon Noodle Soup

During the colder months of the year, there is nothing better than enjoying a warm comfort food like soup. With this udon noodle soup recipe, adapted from chef Masahuru Morimoto, explore just how to get that rich umami flavor within a classic Japanese dish. Not sure how to find the ingredients you need? Watch Martha and Neil’s ingredient shopping excursion.

Book Chat Chapter 17: Big Name Authors Before They Hit It Big

Allyson, Becca, and Louise are talking about what they've been reading and books that they love, this time featuring authors who wrote great titles before the works for which they became well-known.

How to Make a Zine: Change and Transformation

Learn about the analog and digital formats zines can take, as well as how to draft and develop content for your own 8-page zine on the theme of change and transformation.

Skokie Staff Suggest: Celebrating and Sharing Women's Experiences

Chris, an advisory specialist librarian, shines a light on some websites, archives, and virtual exhibits celebrating the richness and diversity of women’s experiences in the United States.

Book Chat Chapter 16: Black Authors to Read All Year

Becca and Allyson are back to share great titles from Black authors to read any time of year--not just during Black History Month.

Navigating the Job Search: Interviewing in the Virtual Age

During the pandemic, most job interviews happen on the phone or computer. Long-time human resources professional Frances Price explains the techniques for looking and sounding your best in an online interview.

How to Make a Zine: Colors and Shapes

Zines are a fun way to document and share stories about anything that interests you. Express yourself and "get your zine on" as we focus on the analog and digital formats zines can take, how to draft and develop content for your own 8-page zine, and exploring colors and shapes.

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Navigating the Job Search: Informational Interviewing

Get an edge on the competition by networking your way to your next career. Martin Gahbauer of Elmhurst University provides a guide to take control of your job search by conducting a series of directed interviews that will develop your network and help you land a good job.