BOOMbox Animal

Visit the BOOMbox now through April 15 when will we explore animals from across the globe. From the smallest marine invertebrates to the largest mammals, we’ll focus on a different group of animals each week to learn about biology, behavior, diet, and more. We’ll use a variety of tools and resources for hands-on learning, experimentation, and exploration.

Drop-in Hours

(For children Grade K and Up)

Mondays 4-8 pm
Tuesdays 3:30-6 pm
Wednesdays 4-8 pm
Thursdays 3:30-6 pm
Saturdays 1-4:45 pm
Sundays 1-4:45 pm

Families welcome. Children younger than 8 must be accompanied by an adult.


January 2 - April 15. Each week will focus on a particular group of animals.

Week 1: Coral (and brachiopods, echinoderms, etc.)
Week 2: Worms
Week 3: Bees (and insects)
Week 4: Crustaceans
Week 5: Octopus and squid (mollusks)
Week 6: Arachnids
Week 7: Sharks & fish
Week 8: Frogs & toads (amphibians)
Week 9: Turtles (reptiles)
Week 10: Birds (flying and non-flying)
Week 11: Bats
Week 12: Rodents
Week 13: Lions and tigers and bears (oh my!)
Week 14: Marsupials and monotremes
Week 15: Humans