Skokie Stories: COVID-19 Collection

We are surviving and thriving under unique circumstances. We never expected to experience a global pandemic. Telling stories is one way to organize our experiences, process our emotions, and make memories.

We invite you to share stories, images, and expressions you’ve created in responding to the uncertainties of this time. We welcome short stories, zines, video or audio recordings, recipes, photos (such as from ‘quarantine walks’), textile art, and much more. We have many ways of coping as we deal with the precarious job market, care for a loved one affected by the virus, work through the isolation of online learning, or act as a first responder in hazardous conditions.

What are we looking for?

We welcome stories that reflect your reality and everyday experiences. They could be entries from a journal, photos from a physically distanced hike, recordings made of birds in your backyard, drawings, collages, and more. We are interested in unfiltered, original material that best illustrates your feelings and thoughts in this moment.

Here are some thoughts to consider. 

  • How do you prepare for competing demands from work or school, family, and social responsibility? 
  • How are we responding to the severe effects of COVID-19 on Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities? 
  • How are you caring for yourself? 
  • What are you doing, or choosing to refrain from doing, with your time?

Can I contribute more than one submission?

Yes, you can contribute many pieces. 

Who can contribute to the Skokie Stories: COVID-19 Collection? 

We welcome submissions by people of all ages and backgrounds. We are especially interested in stories shared by Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people, as well as others whose voices are underrepresented in and around Skokie. We encourage stories that incorporate responses to the pandemic and other current events. Those current events include protests and uprisings responding to the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless other people whose names are uplifted by the Black Lives Matter movement.

What is the submission deadline?

We will accept submissions on a rolling basis as we continue to learn more about and deal with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the inequities it has revealed, as well as the global uprisings in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and all other events continuing to unfold in this unprecedented time.

What happens to my submission after I share it with the library?

Library staff will review your submission. The library reserves all rights to publish the piece using an appropriate platform. We will let you know the status of the project. Library staff may also reach out to you to learn more about your piece. Submissions may be included in a future library exhibit, and may also be included in statewide or national digital archives. You may ask us to use your submission anonymously, if you’d like.

How do I make a submission?

We are working on our submission form. Please email if you are interested in submitting, and we will email you when the form is ready.