Digital Media Labs

Our Digital Media Labs (DMLs) were created to help you create music, produce movies, edit photos, digitize tapes, design websites, and let your imagination take you wherever else you want to go.

Adult Digital Media Lab

This digital studio features four Apple computers with iLife, Adobe Creative Suite 6, Final Cut Studio, and more. In addition, we have …

  • microphones and microphone stands
  • headphones
  • multimedia speakers
  • digital video converters and a Blu-ray burner
  • film/negative/photo scanners
  • a USB turntable
  • a Simmons Electric Drum Set
  • Washburn Electric Guitar RX-22

To use the adult DML, you’ll need a Skokie Library card and a photo ID.

High School Digital Media Lab

The High School DML features three iMacs with iLife, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Handbrake and Xcode, plus microphones and headphones.

The Lab

The Lab features computers with hardware and software especially selected for kids. Along with computers featuring Photoshop Elements, iLife, Scratch, Arduino software, we have microphones, a tripod, a USB mini MIDI keyboard, a digital camera, and more.