The Girls With the Gifts

By Mary Michell

From being able to see into the future to communing with the dead, meet these teen girls with extraordinary powers.

  • When

    2015 by Laurie, Victoria

    I loved this book about a girl who has no one but herself to rely one. Sixteen-year-old Maddie's special ability has caused her nothing but heartbreak. Bullied, feared, and suspected of horrible crimes, Maddie would give anything to live like a normal teen—instead of knowing the death date of everyone she meets.

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  • City of Bones

    2007 by Clare, Cassandra

    A heart-stopping, wild ride from beginning to end! Fifteen-year-old Clary thinks she’s just going out for a fun night of New York City clubbing. But at the club, she witnesses a grisly murder—a murder that somehow no one else in the crowded club can see. Then the victim’s body disappears into thin air before her eyes, leaving no trace. Is she going crazy? Or does she have the ability to see things that others can’t?

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  • The Young Elites

    2014 by Lu, Marie

    Marie Lu is a master of suspense. Be prepared to read this book in one sitting! In the medieval world of Kenettra, Adelina’s silver hair marks her as a survivor of the deadly blood fever epidemic. Survivors are rumored to have deadly powers, but Adelina feels anything but powerful. It is only when she is cornered and afraid that she discovers she has a deadly ability over which she has no control.

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  • Akata Witch

    2011 by Okorafor, Nnedi

    African magic and witchcraft run through this story of a girl who finally finds where she belongs. Twelve-year-old Sunny is the ultimate outsider. Her features are African, but she' s an albino, so she has light skin and blonde hair. Albinos are traditionally feared and shunned in Nigeria, where Sunny lives. She's bullied and ignored. Then one night, staring into a candle, she sees a terrifying vision. Take Sunny's journey along with her as she tries to figure out what she saw, and why.

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  • The Best Kind of Magic

    2017 by Cestari, Crystal

    A light, fun read about a girl with a gift she might be better off without! Amber Sand comes from a long line of witches, but the witch gene skipped her—well, almost. Amber did inherit one very minor magical ability. She can see true love. Yep, Amber knows when two people were meant for each other. This means she can predict future happiness for everyone, except, of course, herself.

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  • Shadowshaper

    2015 by Older, Daniel José

    Daniel Older has woven a beautiful, magical world that I never wanted to leave. His main character is Sierra, a Puerto Rican teen from a close-knit family in Brooklyn who suddenly discovers that her family heritage is rooted in ancient magic and that she is now urgently called upon to learn it and use it.

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  • Ask Me

    2014 by Pauley, Kimberly

    I love this funny, suspenseful story of a girl who would give anything to just be normal. The descendant of a long line of Oracles, seventeen-year-old Aria must always answer any question truthfully. Unfortunately, Aria has no control of the answers that come out of her mouth, which often sound like ancient, cryptic prophecies. As a result, she just looks weird, and tries to avoid hearing any questions at all by wearing headphones and avoiding eye-contact. Not a great solution!

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  • Nimona

    2015 by Stevenson, Noelle

    A graphic novel about a girl who is all things to all people. Say hello to Nimona, an average-looking teen, or is she actually a shark? Who knows? Shapeshifting is Nimona's special talent, but will she use it for good or evil?

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