Breezy Reads 2024 (Grades K-2)

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Breezy Reads are our picks for the youngest readers in grades K-2, including picture books, early readers, and chapter books.

  • Finding Home: Words from Kids Seeking Sanctuary

    2024 by Gwen Agna

    Featuring real kids and their stories, this stunning photographic picture book celebrates the hope and resilience of children who had to leave their home countries to travel to new homes.

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  • Too Small Tola Gets Tough

    2023 by Atinuke

    What was it like to live through the Covid-19 pandemic in Lagos, Nigeria? Tola is a very resourceful youngster, but will figuring out a way for her and her grandmommy to stay safe during the lockdown is a big challenge. Along the way, she might even help some other community members too.

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  • On the Edge of the World

    2023 by Anna Desnitskaya

    Vera and Lucas live on opposite sides of the globe, in Russia and Chile. Can they possibly become friends just using flashlights and Morse code?

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  • Basking In My Brown

    2022 by Fatima Faisal

    In this stunning body-positive picture book, a young girl celebrates her special brown skin as she basks in the sun.

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  • Try a Bite, Trilobite!

    2023 by Jonathan Fenske

    This early reader is for all humans who eat, especially the little ones who have a hard time trying new food! Can Bug convince Trilobite, who only ever eats noodles, to try a new snack?

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  • Pluto Rocket

    2023 by Paul Gilligan

    Find out what happens when Pluto Rocket, a friendly alien on a secret mission to Earth, meets Joe Pidge, a pigeon and king of the neighborhood.

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  • The Rescues Finding Home

    2023 by Tommy Greenwald

    Moose and Bear are two cute, scruffy dogs who are in need of a home. Being adopted is a whole new experience in this funny, yet tender book.

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  • Marvelous Mabel: Figure Skating Superstar

    2022 by Hubbard, Crystal

    A true story about an amazing Black ice skater in the 1930s who learns to skate and succeed in a world where she's not even allowed to practice on the ice rinks nearby. A homemade rink in her bedroom is just one of many challenges she overcomes to become America's first Black figure skating star.

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  • Bear and Bird: The Stars and Other Stories

    2023 by illustrator author

    In four stories in this chapter book, these two best friends have an argument, forget why they argued, and search for other friends. Will they come back together after their falling out?

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  • Jumper: A Day in the Life of a Backyard Jumping Spider

    2023 by Lanan, Jessica

    Get up close and personal with a backyard jumping spider and see the world from its perspective.

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  • Boo! Hiss!

    2022 by Marko, Cyndi

    Ghost and Snake are happy in their old house all alone with nobody to bother them, until a human family with a dog moves in to disturb their peace. Kids will laugh at this silly, slightly spooky duo in this delightful graphic novel for younger readers.

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  • Baking with Mi Abuelita

    2023 by Mora, Julissa

    Baking a tres leches cake with abuelita is so much fun, especially because it's a family tradition. Includes some Spanish words and phrases.

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  • The King Penguin

    2023 by Roeder, Vanessa

    King Percival doesn't like that his penguins won't listen to him, so he goes off to find some other animals that will. Instead, he finds trouble he wasn't looking for.

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  • LOL 101: A Kid's Guide to Writing Jokes

    2023 by Roth, David

    What makes a great joke? This guide to writing and delivering jokes will teach kids how to write funny jokes with punchlines that will make their friends and families laugh out loud!

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  • Worm and Caterpillar Are Friends

    2023 by Windness, Kaz

    In this humorous and tender graphic novel for younger readers, Worm and Caterpillar are best friends, but Caterpillar senses there is a big change coming for him. Will they still be able to be besties?!

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  • Eek, You Reek! Poems about Animals That Stink, Stank, Stunk

    2019 by Yolen, Jane

    A very funny collection of poems about all types of animals that have one thing in common: they stink.

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