Muslim Picture Books for Kids (PreK-Grade 2)

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

These picture books that feature Muslim kids and families are great for sharing with young kids.

  • Halal Hot Dogs

    2021 by Aziz, Susannah

    An enjoyable and upbeat story about one contemporary Muslim family’s weekly tradition of eating together after reading the Friday prayer. Don't read this book if you're hungry, because your stomach, like Musa's, will also begin to rumble.

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  • Girls Rock: Indonesia

    2022 by Bellante, Claudia

    This wonderful picture book celebrates the connection between Islam and music. Three young girls in a tiny Indonesian village form a heavy metal band and find that their music brings them more deeply into their faith. Inspired by a true story.

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  • Amira's Picture Day

    2021 by Faruqi, Reem

    When Amira realizes that looking for the crescent moon that tells them that Eid is tomorrow means she will miss picture day at school, she is conflicted. Great story and characters and lovely illustrations.

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  • Hana's Hundreds of Hijabs

    2022 by Gutta, Razeena Omar

    Hana has so many hijabs, they're taking over the house! Then she figures out a way to declutter and use her creativity to spread joy and make others happy.

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  • Moon's Ramadan

    2023 by Kazi, Natasha Khan

    A loving moon peeks down on all the different world cultures celebrating Ramadan and Eid. The importance of the lunar calendar unites all Muslims, but each culture has unique practices and traditions. The moon lovingly observes them all.

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  • The Night before Eid: A Muslim Family Story

    2023 by Khalil, Aya

    In this "sweet" story, Zain's Taita (grandmother) has just arrived from Egypt and they are going to make ka'ak, a delicious cookie, for Eid. The cooking session is not without its mishaps, but all is well in the end. Bonus: recipe included.

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  • Zain's Super Friday

    2023 by Khan, Hena

    Zain is all about superhero adventures, but today his dad takes Zain to the mosque to join his community in prayer.

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  • The Kindest Red: A Story of Hijab and Friendship

    2023 by Muhammad, Ibtihaj

    A sequel to the award-winning book, The Proudest Blue, this story features two Muslim sisters and a teacher who inspires their classmates to envision the kind of world they want to live in.

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  • The Moon from Dehradun: A Story of Partition

    2022 by Shamsi, Shirin

    A picture book about an important moment in Islamic history. As Britain leaves India to its independence, it first divides the subcontinent, requiring that young Azra and her family move from India to Pakistan. Other families move in the opposite direction, and they meet on their journeys. Author's notes provide further exploration.

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  • In My Mosque

    2021 by Yuksel, M. O.

    This picture book provides readers who are unfamiliar with a mosque a peek into what is often and mistakenly perceived as mysterious and exclusive. In simple text and beautiful illustrations, this book shows the diversity and commonalities of mosques around the world.

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