Muslim Stories for Kids (Grades 3-5)

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

These books for kids in grades 3-5 feature Muslim kids and families.

  • Hurricane Helpers

    2023 by Abbas, Marzieh

    Nadia and Nadir are at home with their parents when the hurricane hits Houston in this first book in the Nadia and Nadir series. Their area escapes serious damage, but other neighborhoods aren't as lucky as theirs, so they look for ways to help others.

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  • The War to Save the Worlds

    2021 by Ahmed, Samira

    The first book in this fantasy series features danger, excitement, and a couple of unlikely heroes who have to put the world back together. And part of it takes place in Chicago.

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  • Friends Fur-ever

    2022 by Faruqi, Saadia

    The first book in this series features Imaan Bashir, who loves dogs and decides to start a pet-sitting business with two friends. Their first client, however, turns out to be a real "paw-full!"

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  • Meet Yasmin!

    2019 by Faruqi, Saadia

    In this chapter book series, Yasmin is a creative and imaginative second grader with a loving, multigenerational Pakistani-American family.

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  • Amazing Muslims Who Changed the World

    2020 by Islam, Burhana

    A spy, a scientist, a woman who led an army, a comic book artist, an Olympian, and more--these are just some of the amazing Muslims who changed the world.

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  • Yusuf Azeem Is Not a Hero

    2021 by Faruqi, Saadia

    This timely novel references the COVID-19 pandemic, Islamaphobia, and the anniversary of the attack on 9/11. Yusuf just wants to enter (and win!) the robotics competition, but in this small town in Texas, he's one of only a few Muslim families and it feels like everybody is against him.

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  • Power Forward

    2018 by Khan, Hena

    In this first book in the Zayd Saleem, Chasing the Dream series, fourth grader Zayd's dream is to be famous, and he thinks maybe he can do it by becoming a basketball star.

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  • Zara's Rules for Record-breaking Fun

    2022 by Khan, Hena

    Zara is used to organizing the neighborhood kids into fun activities, but when another girl moves in with other ideas, Zara gets inspired by the Guinness Book of World Records for a new kind of fun. First in a series.

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  • Accidental Trouble Magnet

    2020 by Mian, Zanib

    When 10-year-old Omar starts the year in a new school, he makes a best friend but also attracts the attentions of a mean bully. Fun illustrations help tell the story in this first book in a series.

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  • Sadiq and the Desert Star

    2020 by Nuurali, Siman

    When Sadiq's father tells him the story of the Desert Star and he then takes a field trip to the planetarium, he is inspired to make a simple telescope. First in a series.

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  • The Boy at the Back of the Class

    2019 by Raúf, Onjali Q.

    Ahmet is a Syrian refugee who has been separated from his parents on their journey to England. When some kids at school find out about his story, they embark on a plan to figure out a way to reunite him with his parents before their borders close to refugees.

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