Books for Indigenous People's Day: Grades K-2

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

These are some of our favorite books featuring Indigenous and Native American people, stories, and information for sharing with kids in grades K-2. We tried to find books whose authors illustrators wrote from their own Native American perspective.

  • Thunder and the Noise Storms

    2021 by Ansloos, Jeffrey Paul

    Despite his name, Thunder is distraught by all the loud noises that surround him. His mosom (grandfather) helps him to pay attention to the quiet sounds that are all around.

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  • What Your Ribbon Skirt Means to Me: Deb Haaland's Historic Inauguration

    2023 by Bunten, Alexis C.

    Pia and her family gather around the TV on March 18, 2021, to witness Deb Haaland become the first Native American to serve as a United States cabinet secretary.

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  • Heart Berry Bling

    2023 by Dupuis, Jenny Kay

    As they bead together, Maggie and Granny talk about Granny's life journey and connection to her Anishinaabe culture.

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  • Biindigen! Amik Says Welcome

    2023 by Cooper, Nancy

    A group of animals gives thanks to the hardworking beavers that help them survive in the forest.

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  • Stolen Words

    2017 by Florence, Melanie

    A young girl helps her grandpa learn to use his Cree language again after he tells her his words were stolen from him at a residential school when he was a young boy.

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  • The Secret Pocket

    2023 by Janicki, Peggy

    This gorgeously illustrated picture book is based on a true story about a group of girls at a residential school who sewed secret pockets into their clothes to hide food.

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  • Look, Grandma! Ni, Elisi!

    2021 by Coulson, Art

    Part of the storytelling math series, Bo must find a way to display his marbles that doesn't take up too much room in the family booth.

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  • Grandma's Tipi: A Present-day Lakota Story

    2023 by Nelson, S. D.

    This intergenerational story features third-grader Clara, who spends her first summer away visiting family at the Standing Rock Reservation. The tipi is the center of life, joy, and inspiration for them.

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  • The Song That Called Them Home

    2023 by Robertson, David

    When her brother is pulled under the water by a legendary Memekwesewak, a young girl must follow him and bring him back home safely.

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  • Just Like Grandma

    2023 by Rogers, Kim

    Becca adores her grandma and wants to be just like her, but in one of the fun ways they spend time together, grandma wants to be just like Becca.

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  • We Are Still Here! Native American Truths Everyone Should Know

    2021 by Sorell, Traci

    In this fascinating and informative nonfiction book, 12 Native American kids address the challenges and victories in Native American history.

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  • Contenders: Two Native Baseball Players, One World Series

    2023 by Sorell, Traci

    The press reported "Indian against Indian" when two Native professional baseball players played against each other for the first time in the 1911 World Series. Charles Bender, pitcher with the Philadelphia As, faced off against John Meyers, a hitter with the New York Giants, in this beautifully illustrated nonfiction picture book.

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  • Finding My Dance

    2022 by Thundercloud, Ria

    A memoir of this amazing dancer's life, from her first powwow circle at age 4, through her international career as a professional dancer, to the birth of her first child.

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  • Herizon

    2021 by Vandever, Daniel W.

    This wordless picture book follows a Dine girl as she uses her creativity and bravery to help her grandmother retrieve their flock of sheep.

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  • Runs with the Stars

    2022 by Whitecrow, Darcy

    While waiting for a foal to be born, a grandfather tells his grandchild about the small but mighty Ojibwe horses that used to run wild in Canada.

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  • Phoenix Gets Greater

    2022 by Wilson-Trudeau, Marty

    Phoenix loves to dance and play with dolls, and doesn't quite fit in with the other kids. With the support of his mom and brother, he learns about Two Spirit/Niizh Manidoowag people and how special they are in his culture.

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