2022 Staff Picks: Horror

By Skokie Staff Advisory Services

Our expert staff members look back at the year and share their favorite titles.

  • Such Sharp Teeth

    2022 by Harrison, Rachel

    Werewolves have long been used in film and book as scary monsters but not often as symbols of female empowerment. Both a horror novel as well an exploration of femininity, victimhood, motherhood, and recovering from trauma. I loved how the book made me think, scared me, and grossed me out. Suggested by Lynnanne.

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  • The Hacienda

    2022 by Cañas, Isabel

    I was completely mesmerized by this Gothic historical horror debut. With an homage to Daphne Du Maurier and Shirley Jackson, Cañas has written an enthralling, multilayered story that addresses the horrors of colonialism, racism, and socioeconomic classism along with different forms of power and privilege. The writing is exquisite and I still think about it long after finishing it. Suggested by Rummanah.

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  • All the White Spaces

    2022 by Wilkes, Ally

    Featuring an immensely likeable young protagonist who in another time would be considered a trans man, this eerie tale nods to the classics of "polar horror"; the quasi-realism will resonate with anyone who ever devoured histories of the "heroic" age of Antarctic exploration. Suggested by Andrew.

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  • Patricia Wants to Cuddle

    2022 by Allen, Samantha

    I have recently embraced horror, and horror-comedy is definitely my favorite subgenre. If King Kong, The Bachelor, and Libba Bray's Beauty Queens had a baby, this campy delight would be the result. This book is bananas (pun intended). Suggested by Becca.

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  • Just Like Home

    2022 by Gailey, Sarah

    Part serial killer mystery, part haunted house, part monster movie, this is atmospheric and creepy in the best ways. We loved this unsettling, fearful read. Suggested by Liz and Lynnanne.

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  • Daphne

    2022 by Malerman, Josh

    I found Daphne to be an engaging vengeful ghost story, with some surprising thoughtful messages! Suggested by Amber H.

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  • What Moves the Dead

    2022 by Kingfisher, T.

    I love this book, from its creep-tastic cover to its daring attempts to mirror--not mimic--Poe's Gothic horror flare, while adding a surprising amount of humor. I was drawn into this intensely unsettling story that moves quickly while ratcheting up the dread within a few pages. Suggested by Rummanah.

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  • Malice House

    2022 by Shepherd, Megan

    I love haunted house stories and this intensely spooky and scary tale delivered on that front. It is also a touching read on the power of stories and the art of creation. After reading it, you too will start to leave toast for the thing that lives under the bed. Suggested by Lynnanne.

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  • Motherthing

    2022 by Hogarth, Ainslie

    A completely unique take on the mother-in-law from hell trope. This book is equal parts humorous, disgusting, and unsettling. I kind of wonder what is wrong with me that I liked this one so much. Suggested by Becca.

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  • The Ghost That Ate Us: The Tragic True Story of the Burger City Poltergeist

    2022 by Kraus, Daniel

    What appears to be a nonfiction true crime book slowly reveals itself as an intense horror novel. The story builds to a shattering conclusion, but there’s more to come in a final, wicked, turn of the screw. Fans of the horror episodes of The X-Files should enjoy this immensely. Suggested by Steven.

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