Staff Picks 2022: Books for Babies through Preschool

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

It's important for grown-ups to enjoy the books that are meant to be shared with the littlest readers. These are some we think everyone will enjoy!

  • I Like This, You Like That

    2022 by Ashman, Linda

    This is a sweet story of two children who wonder what it means for their friendship if they have different tastes. I liked the rhymes and illustrations and the way it celebrates how different people with different perspectives can expand your own! Suggested by Jane.

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  • Together We Ride

    2022 by Bolling, Valerie

    My kiddo liked the rhyming words and energetic story about a child learning to ride a bike with the help of her supportive dad. I especially liked the way he left it up to her to decide whether she wanted to keep trying after she fell. (Spoiler alert: she did!) Suggested by Jane.

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  • Puppy Bus

    2022 by Brockington, Drew

    We read lots of "getting ready for school" books this year, but this is a particular favorite because it's very funny. It's a great send-up of what it's like to confront the unknown and do your best to go with the flow through a new experience, even if it seems a bit weird. Suggested by Jane.

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  • Knight Owl

    2022 by Denise, Christopher

    I really liked this sweet book about a courageous little owl...and pizza! Suggested by Meleesa.

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  • Angry Me

    2022 by Feder, Sandra V.

    I really appreciate the way this book teaches the subtleties of emotional intelligence. You might know that you're angry, but do you know which kind of angry you are? Maybe you're "you took my cookie" angry, or maybe you're "I want to go home" angry. Knowing helps you figure out how to talk about it and make it better! Suggested by Jane.

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  • Mina

    2022 by Forsythe, Matthew

    The soft, muted illustrations made me think this was going to be a cozy, gentle read. Ha! It's bizarre, hilarious, and relentlessly clever. One of my all-time favorites. Suggested by Caitlin.

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  • Berry Song

    2022 by Goade, Michaela

    Inspired by the author's childhood, Berry Song celebrates our relationship with nature. In the story, a Tlingit grandmother teaches her granddaughter about the foraging tradition of their people on their island off the Alaska coast. I love the gorgeous illustrations and language, the loving intergenerational relationship, and how the story highlights the importance of preserving Indigenous cultural practices. Suggested by Laura P.

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  • Somewhere

    2022 by Harris, Robie H.

    I love this gorgeous book about a little girl who wants to go on an adventure by herself: "Somewhere new. Somewhere I had never, ever been before." She indeed goes on an adventure, but we are comforted by the fact that her daddy is never far away. Suggested by Shelley.

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  • The Boy with Flowers in His Hair

    2022 by Jarvis

    I like the metaphor here that can flex to fit any child experiencing something that makes them stand out, and how we can show love and support for others when they're going through a difficult time. Suggested by Jane.

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  • Kitty

    2022 by Jordan-Glum, Rebecca

    This case of mistaken identity had me laughing out loud the whole way through! A perfect read for lovers of cats, raccoons, and absolute mayhem. Suggested by Caitlin.

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  • The Big Slide

    2022 by Kirk, Daniel

    I believe we all have challenges. Some challenges may seem insignificant, but to the person facing the challenges, they're significant. Little Pup is afraid of the slide but is determined to conquer that fear! I wanted to cheer on Little Pup. Suggested by Cathy.

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  • Bathe the Cat

    2021 by McGinty, Alice B.

    I loved this topsy-turvy comedy of mischief and word play; I could not stop giggling! I also appreciate how it balances brightly celebrating the family’s diversity with completely normalizing it. The illustrations portray the family as multiracial, queer, and with opportunities for nonbinary and adopted children to see themselves. I found it inclusive, beautiful, and refreshing. Suggested by Grace.

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  • Good Job, George!

    2022 by O'Connor, Jane

    I thought this book was funny. Every parent can picture a young child helping, especially when the young child wants to help you paint a room! Suggested by Cathy.

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  • I'm Up

    2022 by Portis, Antoinette

    This board book--and its partner board book I'm Still Up--can be enjoyed by grown-ups just as much as little ones. Antoinette Portis is a master at creating stories that are simple yet so fun to read over and over again. Suggested by Gudrun.

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  • I Am a Baby

    2022 by Shea, Bob

    I think caregivers will enjoy this more than kiddos for the funny and relatable illustrations of the moments from babyhood that make adults exasperated, exhausted, and utterly enthralled by their tiny new humans. Suggested by Jane.

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  • Whose Bones Are Those?

    2022 by Takeuchi, Chihiro

    As a natural science nerd, I like this one because it encourages curiosity and questioning. You have to think like a paleontologist here and stare at a pile of bones, wondering how they fit together and who they could be. It's a little creepy but definitely cool. Suggested by Jane.

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  • With Lots of Love

    2022 by Torres Sanchez, Jenny

    I love this lyrical story with gorgeous illustrations about a girl named Rocio who misses her abuela (grandmother) after moving with her parents and siblings from Central America. Despite the distance between them, Rocio's abuela makes her birthday truly special. A celebration of an intergenerational relationship, the text weaves in Spanish words seamlessly. Suggested by Laura P.

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