Big Topics for Little Kids: Worries and Anxiety

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Being worried or anxious is not just for grown-ups: kids feel these things too. These books will help kids identify how they're feeling and learn to manage their feelings so they don't overwhelm them. Part of our big topics for little kids booklist series focusing on grades pre-K-2. Find more books on worries and anxiety:

  • The Worrysaurus

    2020 by Bright, Rachel

    A little dinosaur with a little anxiety plans a special picnic. He has some fear of what could go wrong, but a reassuring friend soothes his worries.

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  • The Worry Box

    2018 by Chiew, Suzanne

    Murray is a young bear who worries about everything. Luckily he has a sister, Molly, who teaches him how to hold space for his worries. She writes down her worries and puts them in a worry box so they won't stop her from having fun.

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  • Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears

    2008 by Gravett, Emily

    This book offers the idea of using art to help overcome your fears. Little mouse engagingly moves though his fears, giving them scientific names, which helps him overcome them.

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  • Wemberly Worried

    2000 by Henkes, Kevin

    A wonderfully appealing child-mouse with a stubborn habit of worrying can't help the anxiety before the first day of nursery school. Her story, told with sensitivity and filled with perfectly chosen details, may provide comfort to those worried about their first day of school.

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  • Do Not Go in There!

    2020 by Horn, Ariel

    A simple display of duality between optimism and pessimism. Two Friends encounter a closed door. One is eager to open it, the other is frightened by the possibilities. Imagination can make it easy to worry, but can also make life more fun.

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  • Ruby Finds a Worry

    2019 by Percival, Tom

    Ruby's worry is growing and growing, and it's getting in the way of her joy and sense of adventure.

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  • Me and My Fear

    2018 by Sanna, Francesca

    Upon moving countries and starting a new school, a young girl feels alone and afraid. What hope does she have of making friends if she does not understand anyone? The girl wrestles with her worries, and they grow smaller as she shares her fears.

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  • Safe in a Storm

    2016 by Swinburne, Stephen R.

    Grown-up animals sooth their young as black storm clouds gather.

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  • The Don't Worry Book

    2019 by Parr, Todd

    Bestselling author Todd Parr offers solutions and comfort to kids who are feeling the weight of the world--from loud news to noisy neighbors to a big day at school.

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  • I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness

    2017 by Verde, Susan

    When the world feels chaotic, this book shows how kids can find peace within through mindfulness.

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  • Bear Feels Scared

    2008 by Wilson, Karma

    Bear gets emotionally distressed when he's lost in the dark and stormy woods. Trembling in the gnarled roots of a giant tree, little does he know his loyal woodland friends formed a search party to come to his aid.

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  • Scaredy Squirrel

    2006 by Watt, Mélanie

    Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of pretty much everything in this funny, yet comforting series by Melanie Watt.

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