Gifts from Kids

By Skokie Staff

Just in time for the holidays, here are some crafty books that will show children how they can make cherished gifts for loved ones, step-by-step.

  • Cool Embroidery for Kids: A Fun and Creative Introduction to Fiber Art

    2015 by Kuskowski, Alex

    This fun introductory book explores the world of embroidery. It includes in-depth information about the equipment needed and step-by-step pictures showing young crafters how to get started and make fun crafts like bookmarks, frames, and monograms.

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  • Crafty Gifts

    2017 by Bull, Jane

    Jane Bull's creativity will spark ideas in little ones' minds almost immediately. The book is a great mix of items that can be made without supervision and others that may require a helping hand. Find fun gifts like bath bombs and personalized mugs that will delight everyone!

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  • Mason Jar Crafts for Kids

    2015 by Braden, Linda Z.

    Mason jars have multiple uses from pickling to decorative additions for a home. With more than 25 projects, the author outlines mason jar gifts kids can make that are perfect for parents, teachers, and everyone in between!

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  • Lazy Crafternoon

    2016 by Fields, Stella

    Crafting is better with friends! Host a crafty get-together with kids 12 years and older, and give them the space to create personalized flowerpots, no-sew pillows, and more!

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  • Green Crafts

    2012 by Friday, Megan

    Make gifts that encourage us to reduce, reuse, and recycle. These stylish crafts range from canvas bags to magnets, with helpful tips on how kids can help protect our planet.

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  • Hello, Crochet Friends! Making Art, Being Mindful, Giving Back

    2019 by Larson, Jonah

    This lovely book is told in two parts. Jonah, a young boy who enjoys crocheting, talks about his adoption that brought him from Ethiopia to Wisconsin and a time when he got in a lot of trouble at school. When one of his teachers allowed him to start crocheting in class, he started to focus and become a star pupil. In his book, he outlines the basic of crocheting and walks readers through some of his favorite projects. Besides being a great crafty book, it's a story that will resonate with young readers.

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  • Fabric Paper Thread: 26 Projects to Stitch with Friends

    2013 by Sutcliffe, Kristen

    This guide has 26 projects that novice crafters can try! Children 10 years or older can transform their everyday objects into unique pieces, like a leather bracelet, that will wow family and friends.

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  • Glass Jar Crafts

    2022 by Rathburn, Betsy

    A simple jar can be transformed into so many different things! Rathburn shows young crafters how they can make beautiful vases, planters for succulents, even a candle holder, all while educating kids on upcycling.

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  • Cool Knitting for Kids: A Fun and Creative Introduction to Fiber Art

    2015 by Kuskowski, Alex

    Knitting is a great activity because you can do it almost anywhere. Learn the basics and terms needed for your knitting journey and create mitts, bags, and scarves!

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  • Kids Embroidery

    2004 by Nicholas, Kristin

    There are so many options when creating fiber art! This all inclusive guide includes information on needlepoint, cross-stitch, and freeform embroidery. It also includes over 15 fun projects to get new crafters started! Enjoy creating projects like coasters and stuffed animals, and learn what embroidery looks like around the world.

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