Back to School

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Get ready to go back to school with these great books!

  • The Day You Begin

    2018 by Woodson, Jacqueline

    The pictures in this gorgeous book work with the gentle text to convey nervousness, hope, uncertainty, enthusiasm, and ultimately the joy of belonging. Poignantly capturing what it’s like to be new and to feel different, it’s a great book for bigger kids who are moving to a new school or town, and it also works for brand-new kindergarteners.

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  • First Day Critter Jitters

    2020 by John, Jory

    The first day of school can produce some really big feelings. A snake is worried about where his backpack will go. A sloth is concerned about being late to class. Even the teacher has some anxiety. This book lets us explore some of these feelings in a charming and funny way, while letting us know that everything will be okay.

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  • We Don't Eat Our Classmates!

    2018 by Higgins, Ryan T.

    This is a great example of a picture book that takes a humorous approach to a new school year. Penelope is extremely nervous about the beginning of her first day of school. Things start out a little rocky, but once she realizes that she should treat her classmates the way she would like to be treated, friendship replaces fear and the school year takes a turn for the better.

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  • School's First Day of School

    2016 by Rex, Adam

    The whole premise of this book is wonderful. Everyone gets the first-day-of-school jitters--even the building! This book gives us a new way to think about the way we use our spaces.

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  • Miss Nelson Is Missing!

    1977 by Allard, Harry

    This perennial favorite offers an extremely creative (and hilarious!) solution to the problem of classroom management.

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  • Click, Clack, Quack to School!

    2018 by Cronin, Doreen

    What happens when you want to go to school, but you're not allowed? This very funny book explores acceptable behavior for school, and the element of disguise!

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  • I'm Your Bus

    2009 by Singer, Marilyn

    The rhyme scheme makes this book a delight to read aloud. It’s perfect for transportation lovers, and anyone excited about how you might get to school.

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  • This Is My Home, This Is My School

    2015 by Bean, Jonathan

    It’s really interesting to see some of the ways that learning at home is both different from and similar to going to a public school. This semi-autobiographical picture book gives us a peek inside the day of a homeschooled kid.

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  • The New Friend Fix

    2022 by Torres, Jennifer

    Change isn't easy--especially for kids. This book does a great job reminding us that it's good to remember not to assume how someone else is feeling, because you never really know. Especially when you don’t know the person very well.

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  • Mr. Wolf's Class

    2018 by Steinke, Aron Nels

    This charming graphic novel perfectly encapsulates a 4th-grade classroom in all of its wonderful, silly chaos. The pictures are bright and engaging, and kids will really be able to see themselves in the honest, lovable characters.

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  • David Dixon's Day as a Dachshund

    2022 by Holmes, Kathryn

    Show and tell at school is always fun, but this one is magical! Easy fiction readers who like animal, friendship, humorous, or school stories will enjoy this one a lot. Included facts about dachshunds are an added bonus!

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  • Dear Student

    2022 by Swartz, Elly D.

    This lovely middle-grade school story is a good reminder that not all questions have clear-cut answers, and sometimes that can be okay. In fact, it can help us learn and grow.

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  • School Days Around the World

    2015 by Ruurs, Margriet

    This informational picture book shows what school is like for kids all over the world. From riding your family's scooter to school in the Pacific islands, to a forest school in Denmark, you can explore how kids learn in ways that are both different from and similar to your own.

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