Jewish American Heritage Month: Books for Kids

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Enjoy these books focusing on Jewish Americans for babies through grade 8.

  • My Mushy Matzah Ball

    2020 by Brooks, Arianna

    A board book celebration of babies, families, and traditional Jewish foods. Fun! Recommended by Gudrun for babies through kindergarten.

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  • Bedtime for Maziks

    2022 by Levy, Yael

    Mazik is Yiddish for "mischief-maker," and these cute little ones fit the bill. With rhyming text and vibrant, silly drawings, this picture book is perfect for sharing with your own little maziks. Recommended by Shelley for preschool-grade 1.

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  • Gitty and Kvetch

    2021 by Pritchard, Caroline Kusin

    Gitty is a an optimist, and her friend Kvetch is a grumpy bird. There are Yiddish words throughout, and a glossary to help with the Yiddish. When Gitty makes a special piece of art for their treehouse and it's ruined by the rain, Kvetch comforts her. The illustrations are delightful, and the story's friendship and resilience themes ring true. Recommended by Shelley for preschool-grade 1.

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  • Lilah Tov, Good Night

    2020 by G

    A poetic, gorgeously illustrated immigration story of a family saying goodnight and goodbye before setting off on a long journey. The immigration theme is subtle but there, and parents and caregivers can share the message with little ones if they wish. Recommended by Shelley for preschool-grade 2.

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  • Tova Bloom to the Rescue

    2011 by Walfish, Miriam

    This historical fiction series features Tova Bloom, a Jewish girl growing up in New York in the 1770s during the American Revolution. She has five older sisters, but she manages to shine with her curiosity and intelligence. In this book, her father and uncle are arrested and imprisoned by the British. Can Tova prove their innocence and win their freedom? Recommended by Shelley for grades 2-5.

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  • "Nice" Jewish Girls

    2021 by Merberg, Julie

    From Emma Godman to Anna Freud to Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Sarah Silverman, this collective biography of 36 Jewish women offers a captivating look at how these women embraced their identities and became successful politicians, actors, artists, scientists, and more. Recommended by Shelley for grades 3-8.

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  • Summer of Stolen Secrets

    2021 by Sternberg, Julie

    Catarina's best friends dump her at the end of 7th grade, so she is happy to skip summer camp and leave Manhattan, NY, to visit her Aunt Miriam's family and the Jewish grandmother she has never met in Baton Rouge, LA. The visit seems to go all wrong, until she learns secrets about her grandmother's past in Germany and things start to fall into place. Recommended by Shelley for grades 4-8.

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  • Lucky Broken Girl

    2017 by Behar, Ruth

    A beautifully written story based on the author's childhood experience of growing up Cuban Jewish in New York City in the 1960s. Recommended by Gudrun for grades 5-8.

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