Hot Summer Reads 2022 (Grades 6-8)

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

The Hot Summer Reads list for 2022 includes graphic novels, horror, romance, political thrillers, and much more!

  • The Fixer

    2015 by Barnes, Jennifer

    When she moves to DC to live with her politically powerful sister, Tess starts mixing with the children of the Washington elite. And these kids have some dark, deadly secrets.

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  • Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? Big Questions from Tiny Mortals about Death

    2019 by Doughty, Caitlin

    A mortician answers all your questions about death in this hilarious and informative book. And yes, if the cat gets hungry enough, it's possible!

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  • Starfish

    2021 by Fipps, Lisa

    Ellie's always been known as The Fat Girl. She's even created a list of Fat Girl Rules she makes sure to follow to avoid being teased and bullied. It has to be that way, right? Wrong!

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  • Just Be Cool, Jenna Sakai

    2021 by Florence, Debbi Michiko

    When her boyfriend breaks up with her, Jenna decides that love is not worth it. She's going to concentrate on her work as a budding investigative journalist. Then Rin shows up.

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  • Hide and Seeker

    2020 by Hermon, Daka

    Justin's best friend, Zee, has been missing for more than a year. When Zee returns, he's not the same. In fact, he looks as though something has terrified him. That's just the beginning.

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  • Magical Boy: A Graphic Novel

    2021 by Kao

    A trans boy discovers that his destiny is to fight evil and save the world--but he has to do it as a girl!

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  • Borders

    2021 by King, Thomas

    A woman at the Canadian-American border stymies the guards by speaking one word.

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  • Middletown

    2021 by Moon, Sarah

    Eli and Anna keep their single mother’s alcoholism a secret to avoid being separated from her. How long can they live a lie?

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  • Ain't Burned All the Bright

    2022 by Reynolds, Jason

    Feeling overwhelmed by the world we live in today? Jason Reynolds wants to talk to you about it.

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  • Super Fake Love Song

    2020 by Yoon, David

    The ultimate boy makeover! Sunny is a big nerd and he knows it. He wears baggy polo shirts and cargo shorts "the color and shape of potatoes." He likes creating special effects for Live Action Role Playing events. But girls like rock stars. And one particular girl has mistaken Sunny for a rocker. Can Sunny fake it till he makes it?

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