Books for Hispanic Heritage Month (Preschool-Grade 1)

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Books by and about people who identify as Latine, for kids up to grade 1.

  • Salsa Lullaby

    2019 by Arena, Jen

    You and your child will love this rollicking and rhyming story peppered with Spanish words. Colorful, dynamic illustrations beg readers to join in the dance.

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  • Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood

    2016 by Campoy, F. Isabel

    This stunning picture book is based on a true story. A community gets together to transform their neighborhood through art.

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  • Lia & Luís: Who Has More?

    2020 by Crespo, Ana

    This book from the Storytelling Math series is a fun, engaging story that all kids (and grown-ups) can relate to. Who doesn't want to have more? You will learn some Portuguese, too!

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  • Carmela Full of Wishes

    2018 by de la Peña, Matt

    Blowing white dandelion fluff is such a universal thing that kids all over the world do it!

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  • Paletero Man

    2021 by Diaz, Lucky

    Written by Latin Grammy winner Lucky Diaz, this delightful story about summer and community invites readers to imagine their favorite flavor of paleta, a Mexican-style ice pop.

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  • Dancing Hands: How Teresa Carreño Played the Piano for President Lincoln

    2019 by Engle, Margarita

    Did you know that a 9-year-old girl came to the White House to play for President Abraham Lincoln? María Teresa Gertrudis de Jesús Carreño García was a renowned Venezuelan pianist. This award-winning book looks at the life-changing visit and the emotional and transformative impact of music on grief and anxiety.

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  • Lucia the Luchadora

    2017 by Garza, Cynthia Leonor

    Can girls be superheroes? Of course! I loved reading about Lucia, whose grandma was a luchadora, a real-life superhero.

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  • Sing with Me: The Story of Selena Quintanilla

    2021 by López, Diana

    What an inspiring story of this legendary superstar Latina recording artist! You'll enjoy reading about her struggles to figure out who she wanted to be and her determination to learn Spanish.

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  • Where Are You From?

    2019 by Méndez, Yamile Saied

    This book features poetic language and beautiful illustrations about a commonly asked question that can hurt others.

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  • Bright Star

    2021 by Morales, Yuyi

    This gorgeous book is an ode to the border land between Mexico and the United States.

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  • Between Us and Abuela: A Family Story from the Border

    2019 by Perkins, Mitali

    This is a beautiful story of a family determined to keep their traditions alive despite the border that separates them.

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  • Training Day

    2021 by Raúl the Third

    This easy fiction/graphic novel hybrid is really funny!

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  • Brick by Brick

    2020 by Sheffield, Heidi Woodward

    The richly colored collages in this lovely book about a child and his father and the work they do (bricks and books) are absolutely brimming with love. Each page has a different feel--some you want to run your fingers over--but all are beautiful. The spread with the cityscape built with words like "dream" and "I can" are especially lovely.

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  • Just Ask! Be Different, Be Brave, Be You

    2019 by Sotomayor, Sonia

    A colorful book filled with diverse, differently abled children that celebrates the strengths that each person brings to the world.

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