Stuck Together

By Skokie Staff Advisory Services

If only forced proximity would always lead to love! In these romantic novels, it does. Content ranges from chaste to steamy.

  • The Wedding Date

    2018 by Guillory, Jasmine

    Two strangers getting stuck in an elevator together is awkward, to be sure. Guillory's characters not only have a great time, but Alexa agrees to pretend to be Drew's girlfriend at a wedding! This steamy novel faces contemporary issues head on.

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  • Forget Me Knot

    2009 by Margolis, Sue

    This one begins in a stuck elevator as well, with a recently engaged London florist and a sexy filmmaker who make the best of their tight predicament. Lighthearted romantic, and funny.

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  • The Marriage Game

    2020 by Desai, Sara

    Sam and Layla clash when forced to share an office space. But when Layla's blind dates, arranged by her father, begin showing up, Sam becomes protective and decides to be her chaperone. Publishers Weekly says, "It's a blast to witness Sam and Layla exchange flirtatious barbs as their snarky chemistry blossoms into something real over the course of Layla's hilariously disastrous dates."

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  • The Unhoneymooners

    2019 by Lauren, Christina

    If you're forced to pretend to be honeymooners with someone you don't like, even Paradise can feel like a trap. This heartfelt, hilarious romance gets starred reviews.

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  • Teddy Spenser Isn't Looking for Love

    2020 by Fielding, Kim

    The CEO of Reddyflora, a Chicago startup Teddy and Romeo work for, decides to put the two opposites through a series of odd tests that require them to spend every minute together. This contemporary gay romance is a reading treat.

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  • A Sweet Mess

    2020 by Lee, Jayci

    A Korean American baker and the food critic who gave her a bad review end up in a California villa together in this romantic comedy that the New York Times describes as, "a perfect balance of impeccable wit, laugh out loud hilarity, and off the charts chemistry.”

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  • Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

    2010 by Matson, Morgan

    Amy and Roger, who barely know each other, find themselves tasked with driving a car across the country. The result is a slow-burn young adult romance. Publishers Weekly says, "A near perfect summer read that should leave readers with a thirst for travel and romance.”

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  • Managed

    2016 by Callihan, Kristen

    Can a novel combine sizzling sensuality, effervescent banter, and delightful romance? This one does. "Ordinary woman with a big mouth" is upgraded to first class and seated next to the manager of the world's most famous rock band. His enormous ego is off-putting, until it's not.

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  • By Your Side

    2017 by West, Kasie

    Apparently, sometimes libraries lock up for the weekend, leaving people inside! Autumn is one such person, and--horrifyingly--bad boy Dax, fresh out of juvie, is locked in, too! Only there's a lot more to Dax than Autumn expected. The conversations are deep, as are the feelings that develop.

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  • Hairpin Curves

    2020 by Winters, Elia

    In this feel-good road trip novel, former friends who have fallen out carpool to a wedding. Scarlet and Megan are believably portrayed-- young women untangling their feelings and sexuality, and sharing moments of joy. The reader will enjoy taking this trip with them.

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  • The Thing about Love

    2017 by James, Julie

    Two FBI agents with a contentious past are assigned to work as partners in a high-profile undercover sting, a task that becomes even trickier when they're forced to hole up at a romantic beachfront resort as part of the investigation. Fans of upbeat, cosmopolitan suspense will enjoy this novel by Chicago author James.

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  • The Roommate

    2020 by Danan, Rosie

    Publishers Weekly calls this a "wildly original and sexy romance about an uptight East Coast socialite and the stranger she inadvertently shacks up with. Romance fans will especially appreciate that the steamy erotic scenes are used to further character development, rather than just for cheap thrills. This delectable rom-com is both red-hot and fiercely feminist."

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  • Conventionally Yours

    2020 by Albert, Annabeth

    In this relatively chaste, neurodiverse, gay romance, twentysomethings Conrad and Alden travel to a gamers convention together, their mutual enmity gradually disappearing. Library Journal says, "This captivating, nerdy romance delivers a satisfying happily ever after."

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  • The Simple Wild

    2018 by Tucker, K. A.

    Pampered city slicker Calla finds herself stranded with wilderness pilot Jonah in a primitive cabin in Alaska, a predicament that changes Calla--and Jonah's opinion of her, too.

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  • From Alaska with Love

    2020 by James, Ally

    As you can see, isolated cabins are favorite vehicles for romance writers. In this one, Sara decides to take a risk and spend six weeks in a cabin with Army Major Gabe--whom she has only known through letters. Sweet and spicy.

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  • The Flatshare

    2019 by O'Leary, Beth

    This popular book has an interesting twist on the proximity theme. Tiffy and Leon share a London flat but have never met because they have opposite schedules. Post-it notes become the avenue to the heart!

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  • The Bride Test

    2019 by Hoang, Helen

    Esme, eager to leave the slums of Vietnam, agrees to stay with a potential husband in the U.S. Khai, however, who has autism, isn't sure he can feel love. Publishers Weekly says, "The evolution of Khai's feelings toward Esme, and the way she comes to understand and care for him, are beautifully developed, and the relationship they form feels delicate yet bursting with hope."

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  • Anything You Can Do

    2017 by Grey, R. S.

    Daisy has always considered Lucas her enemy. Now they're doctors at the same hospital and encounters are both unavoidable and increasingly welcome. This book seems reminiscent of the TV series, Grey's Anatomy, where, for medical staff working long hours within the confines of a hospital, romances are a favorite pastime.

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  • Roomhate

    2016 by Ward, Penelope

    Co-owners of a house, Amelia and Justin have a complicated past. She broke his heart and now he's brought his girlfriend to live with them. But feelings change, whether you want them to or not. Steamy content.

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  • Simply Unforgettable

    2005 by Balogh, Mary

    A prim schoolteacher and a rakish viscount get stuck together in a cabin during a snowstorm in Regency romance writer Balogh's witty and sensual tale. First volume of a quartet.

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