Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage (Grades 3-5)

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Great stories by and about our Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

  • Aru Shah and the End of Time

    2018 by Chokshi, Roshani

    Aru is desperate to fit in at her fancy private school, but she takes it too far when, in an attempt to show off, she accidentally releases an ancient demon.

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  • Hello, Universe

    2017 by Kelly, Erin Entrada

    A captivating and beautiful book about four kids whose lives intersect as a result of a bully's cruelty.

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  • A Map into the World

    2019 by Yang, Kao Kalia

    A sensitive, gorgeous story about change and growth.

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  • The Serpent's Secret

    2018 by DasGupta, Sayantani

    As if being a sixth grader wasn't hard enough, it turns out that Kiranmala is also an interdimensional demon slayer. And now she has to save the world.

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  • Love, Love

    2020 by Chang, Victoria

    This beautiful and honest novel in verse tells one girl's story of hardships and triumphs while growing up in the suburbs of Detroit.

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  • Stand Up, Yumi Chung!

    2020 by Kim, Jessica

    Being a middle schooler is hard enough, and Yumi is struggling to live up to her parents' expectations while pursuing her comedy dreams. Luckily, sometimes the best comedy comes from struggle.

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  • Measuring Up

    2020 by LaMotte, Lily

    A sweet graphic novel perfect for fans of cooking and family stories. This book will make you hungry!

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  • The Year of the Dog: A Novel

    2006 by Lin, Grace

    This excellent semi-autobiographical story follows Grace as she navigates school, family, and growing up.

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  • Alice on the Island: A Pearl Harbor Survival Story

    2019 by Poe, Mayumi Shimose

    Full of heart and determination, this book portrays the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the events thereafter through the eyes of Alice, a young Japanese girl growing up on the island of Oahu with her family.

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  • The Comeback

    2021 by Shen, E. L.

    Maxine is a fiercely determined and talented skater. You will root for her as she faces tough competition on the ice, bullying, racism, and the everyday challenges of being a kid.

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  • Stargazing

    2019 by Wang, Jen

    Have you ever had a friend who was very different from you? This fantastic graphic novel explores a friendship between two very different people.

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  • Front Desk

    2018 by Yang, Kelly

    Based on the author's life, this story follows 10-year-old Mia as she helps her parents run their motel and, at the same time, helps them and other immigrants overcome fears, challenges, and hard times.

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