Riveting Nonfiction for Babies through Grade 2

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Help your little ones discover the world around them and awaken their curiosity about distant places or creatures that lived long ago.

  • Trucks

    1986 by Barton, Byron

    From dump trucks to garbage trucks and tow trucks to ice cream trucks, the vibrant illustrations and sparse text make this a “can we read this again?” book for any vehicle fan.

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  • Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building

    2012 by Hale, Christy

    Children all over the world love building, sometimes with blocks or legos, but more often with cardboard boxes, sand, mud, or sticks. This book connects the things kids build to buildings designed by world-renowned architects.

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  • Ribbit

    2017 by Hurley, Jorey

    With beautiful illustrations and a single word on each page, witness a whole year in the life of a leopard frog. Read the author’s note for more information about frogs and what makes them different from toads, and you’ll notice even more details in the illustrations.

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  • The Cat Man of Aleppo

    2020 by Latham, Irene

    The true story of Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, who decides not to flee the Syrian civil war in Aleppo. He stays to help alleviate human suffering as an ambulance driver and soon realizes the pain this war has caused for the feline population of the city, too.

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  • The Art Box

    1998 by Gibbons, Gail

    Gail Gibbons, the master nonfiction writer for young children, introduces your young artist to the tools of the trade.

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  • Crossings: Extraordinary Structures for Extraordinary Animals

    2020 by Duffield, Katy

    When we build highways, we often forget the animals that have called these places home for so long. Around the world creative engineers (even kids) have come up with innovative ways to save animals' lives by building bridges to help them cross safely.

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  • The Last Marshmallow

    2020 by Lin, Grace

    This is the story of two girls who come inside for a hot cup of cocoa after a fun time playing in the snow. But, they only have three marshmallows for the two of them. The books in this series include fun math activities you can do with your family at home.

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  • Lola Plants a Garden

    2014 by McQuinn, Anna

    Lola loves flowers. This is her journey to plant a flower garden: getting garden books from the library, buying seeds, planting the seeds, and then of course waiting, waiting, and more waiting. The beautiful flower garden is a fantastic opportunity to throw a garden party with friends.

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  • Apex Predators: The World's Deadliest Hunters, Past and Present

    2017 by Jenkins, Steve

    In this dinosaur lover's dream, Jenkins illustrates the scariest animals of all time and then imagines them in combat! Lots of great facts and size comparisons.

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  • I Look up to...Malala Yousafzai

    2019 by Membrino, Anna

    This book is part of a series of biographies for toddlers. Learn what makes Malala Yousafzai so amazing with just the right amount of information, illustrations, and quotes.

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  • Inky's Amazing Escape: How a Very Smart Octopus Found His Way Home

    2018 by Montgomery, Sy

    Sy Montgomery took a piece of news that made the world smile in 2016 and wrote a fascinating account about what happened that day, as well as what octopuses are and what makes them special. You'll want to read the endnote and 8 fun octopus facts to learn even more.

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  • Peter and the Tree Children

    2020 by Wohlleben, Peter

    Told as a fun story, there is so much to learn about the forests and the trees that live there. On their way to find the tree children, friends Peter the forester and Piet the squirrel share fascinating facts about plants we see every day but rarely think about.

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