2020 Staff Picks: Romance

By Skokie Staff Adult Services

Our expert staff members look back at the year and share their favorite titles.

  • Slippery Creatures

    2020 by Charles, KJ

    KJ Charles writes my favorite romance novels, period. This is the first book of her newest series—pulp/gay—and it's as fun as ever. The plot's wild, and the connection between the main characters is perfectly handled. When they have conflict, it's real, not a misunderstanding, and when they're getting along, you can really feel how much they genuinely like each other. Recommended by Perry.

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  • Party of Two

    2020 by Guillory, Jasmine

    If there was ever a year for comfort reading and comfort eating, 2020 was it. Guillory's romances are always charming and full of food, and this one is no exception. Recommended by Allyson.

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  • Boyfriend Material

    2020 by Hall, Alexis J.

    If you loved Red, White, and Royal Blue last year, then this is the perfect book for you this year. A British setting. Enemies to lovers. Filled with humor and a delightful love story. Recommended by Becca.

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  • Beach Read

    2020 by Henry, Emily

    This is the perfect romance novel. I loved the chemistry and witty banter between Gus and January. I found myself laughing along to their awkwardness, reeling through the angsty moments, and swooning as they fell for one another. Plus, this book touches on grief with care and depth, which I wasn't expecting but really appreciated. Recommended by Maridsa.

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  • Real Men Knit

    2020 by Jackson, K. M.

    As a knitter and a lover of romance, this book was perfectly suited to me, but you don't have to be a knitter to love the story of Jesse and Kerry. Recommended by Becca.

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  • The Happy Ever After Playlist

    2020 by Jimenez, Abby

    I'm all in for any romance novel that involves a dog in need. I loved the human characters, also. Recommended by Sharon.

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  • The Switch

    2020 by O'Leary, Beth

    It's not often a book centers on the love between a granddaughter and grandmother. Within that relationship, O'Leary delves into each character's life separately as they try swapping lives with each other. The staid country grandma takes on London while her hot-shot granddaughter trades the bustle of the city for the quiet of the Yorkshire countryside. There is some love interest for both ladies, which makes this a contemporary romance, but what touched me most was the intimate relationship between the two main characters. Recommended by Cecilia.

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  • The Worst Best Man

    2020 by Sosa, Mia

    This enemies-to-lovers romance is delicious. Three years after wedding planner Carolina Santos is left at the altar, she is forced to work with her ex-fiance's best man to win a big client. Super steamy, with mouth-watering food descriptions, this is a winning rom-com. Recommended by Allyson.

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  • One to Watch

    2020 by Stayman-London, Kate

    I loved this book. It would be an enjoyable read for anyone, but fans of The Bachelor/ette franchise will definitely get a lot out of this. I loved Bea and all of the characters in the book. I wish Bea's blog really existed so I could keep following her journey. Recommended by Tiffany.

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