Teen Activists in Fiction

By Lukie Marriott

Get inspired to get involved in resistance movements and take political action like the teens in these fiction titles.

  • Watch Us Rise

    2019 by Watson, Renée

    Jasmine and Chelsea start a Women's Rights Club at their school. When they are targeted by trolls, the principal shuts the club down, but they are determined not to let that stop them.

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  • Yes No Maybe So

    2020 by Albertalli, Becky

    Maya and Jamie fall for each other while doing a job neither particularly wanted to do: going door-to-door canvassing for an election. As their political involvement grows, so does their romance.

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  • The Voting Booth

    2020 by Colbert, Brandy

    Activist Marva sees Duke turned away from their polling place and takes it upon herself to make sure his vote is counted. And so their whirlwind day begins, rushing from precinct to precinct, cutting school, waiting in endless lines, turned away time and again, trying to do one simple thing: vote.

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  • The Nowhere Girls

    2017 by Reed, Amy Lynn

    When Grace, Rosina, and Erin find out that a girl who was gang raped by some popular boys at their school wasn't believed by anyone, they form an anonymous group to resist the sexist culture at their school.

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  • All the Days Past, All the Days to Come

    2020 by Taylor, Mildred D.

    Taylor's saga of the Logan family (Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry) continues with Cassie Logan, now a young woman, participating in the Civil Rights Movement of the mid-20th century.

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  • The Wrong Side of Right

    2015 by Thorne, Jenn Marie

    When Kate's mother dies, she goes to live with the father she never knew--who is running for President. Suddenly, she is thrust into the public eye of political campaigning and not sure she agrees with her father's politics. Wanting acceptance in her new family, Kate finds she also needs to be true to herself and take a stand.

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  • The Hate U Give

    2017 by Thomas, Angie

    As witness to the shooting of her cousin by a cop, Starr is stuck between the truth and wanting to protect her community. When she raises her voice for justice, you'll be cheering her on. Perfect read for Black Lives Matter.

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