Love and Politics

By Lukie Marriott

Love and politics can be messy bedfellows, as you will see in these fiction titles.

  • Party of Two

    2020 by Guillory, Jasmine

    In popular author Guillory's latest, Olivia and junior Senator Max's secret romance is exposed. The media begin digging into Olivia's past and questioning her suitability. Can their romance survive the media spotlight?

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  • Young Jane Young

    2017 by Zevin, Gabrielle

    When a young intern's affair with a married congressman is exposed, her life (unlike his) is ruined. Or is it? This feminist take on the Lewinsky-Clinton affair has multiple perspectives and a satisfying plot.

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  • Yours in Scandal

    2020 by Layne, Lauren

    A young, charismatic NYC mayor, planning to run for governor, falls for the incumbent's estranged daughter--estranged because of her scandalous past. This steamy rom-com will take your mind off any political angst.

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  • Red, White & Royal Blue: A Novel

    2019 by McQuiston, Casey

    When his mother, the POTUS, kicks off her re-election bid, Alex finds himself in a very public confrontation with his nemesis, Great Britain's Prince Henry. Will American-British relations survive the tabloid brouhaha? And what about Alex and Henry's secret attraction?

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  • The State of Us

    2020 by Hutchinson, Shaun David

    Dean and Dre, the 17-year-old sons of the Republican and Democratic candidates for President of the United States, fall in love on the sidelines of their parents' presidential campaigns, and a third party candidate wants to out them.

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  • The Hopefuls: A Novel

    2016 by Close, Jennifer

    Beth has no interest in politics, yet her husband's White House job takes him deep into the D.C. culture of schmoozing and competition. Their friendship with another couple becomes riddled with jealousies, and it begins to take a toll on their marriage. A raw look at the life of young political professionals.

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  • Getaway Girl

    2018 by Bailey, Tessa

    Addison Potts is back in town, just in time to play getaway driver for a jilted groom, the sexy, honorable, and clueless Mayor of Charleston. Public approval be damned.

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  • Mr. President

    2017 by Evans, Katy

    This book may be the exception on this list because, according to The New York Times, Evans "makes politics sexy and alluring" in this "smart, thought-provoking," mature-audiences novel.

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  • Bringing down the Duke

    2019 by Dunmore, Evie

    This British historical is set in England, during their Women's Suffrage movement, when Annabelle falls for a politically powerful duke who opposes everything she believes in.

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  • Mirror Image

    2013 by Brown, Sandra

    After surviving a plane crash, Avery gets plastic surgery that transforms her into the dead wife of a senator against whom there is an assassination plot, and for whom she develops feelings. Hold onto your seats for this one!

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