Anti-Racism Bookshelf for Young Kids

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Books can help families approach issues like diversity, racism, empathy, and our differences and commonalities. This is a collection of books for grown-ups to share with young kids (preschool-2nd grade and up) to spark discussion and help address these tough issues. There are many additional guides to help parents broach these topics. This is one of our favorites.

  • Something Happened in Our Town: A Child's Story about Racial Injustice

    2018 by Celano, Marianne

    Very relevant story about how kids see the shooting of a Black man by police on the news and discuss it with their families. Includes a guide for talking with kids about incidents like this.

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  • My Nose, Your Nose

    2002 by Walsh, Melanie

    For the very youngest readers, this book shows that for all our differences, there are many things we have in common.

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  • Let's Talk about Race

    2005 by Lester, Julius

    Lester does a great job of talking about race as an important part of each person's story, but not the only important thing.

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  • Most People

    2017 by Leannah, Michael

    This is a very comforting book, for kids and grown-ups alike. Most people (of all genders, races, age, etc.) are good people.

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  • The Other Side

    2001 by Woodson, Jacqueline

    Segregation and race are delicately addressed in this beautiful story of two girls who strike up a summer friendship on the respective sides of the fence that divides their community.

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  • The Skin You Live In

    2005 by Tyler, Michael

    Cheerful in tone and illustrations, this book talks about skin color as special and unique, but not the definition of who we are.

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  • Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Black Children

    2000 by Pinkney, Sandra L.

    The gorgeous photos and brief text combine to make this book a joyful celebration of the diversity of Black children.

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  • Why Am I Me?

    2017 by Britt, Paige

    Two kids wonder about why they are who they are: "If someone else were me, who would they be? Someone lighter, older, darker, bolder?"

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  • Come with Me

    2017 by McGhee, Holly M.

    This book is a call to action. When a little girl is worried and scared about the angry people she sees and hears about in the world, her family helps her try to spread some kindness.

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  • No One Else Like You

    2017 by Goeminne, Siska

    Points out the ties that bind all the people on the planet, even with all their diversity.

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