Visiting Your Friends from Pawnee

By Sharon Weinberg

Parks and Recreation aired from 2009 to 2015, giving viewers an inside look at the fictional government department in Pawnee, Indiana. Five years after wrapping up the last show, they reunited for one more episode to raise money for COVID-19 relief. To help with Parks & Rec withdrawal, enjoy some audiobooks and videos from various cast members that you can stream via Hoopla or Overdrive.

  • Angie Tribeca: Season 1


    Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins on Parks & Rec) takes the lead as Angie Tribeca, a lone wolf detective in the LAPD, in this spoof of the police procedural genre. Created by Steve Carell and his wife Nancy, there is no shortage of celebrity guest star cameos, including Adam Scott (who played P&R's Ben Wyatt). Full of witty one-liners and over-the-top gags, the clues and cluelessness add up to absurd entertainment. Available from Hoopla.

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  • Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop

    2016 by Offerman, Nick

    I know nothing about woodworking but that matters little because I can listen to Nick Offerman read the phone book and be happy with that. His character Ron Swanson liked to build things and certainly many jokes centered around his proficient talent. My interest never waivered throughout, and wouldn't I love to have a Nick Offerman wood creation. Available from Overdrive.

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  • The Greatest Love Story Ever Told: An Oral History

    2018 by Offerman, Nick

    Co-written and co-read by the authors, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, I often thought they were ad libbing parts of their love story and I couldn't help laughing out loud. To be sure, they are an epic married couple. Megan had the hilarious recurring role as manipulative librarian Tammy Two, Ron's second ex-wife named Tammy. Available from Overdrive.

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  • Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom With America's Gutsiest Troublemakers

    2015 by Offerman, Nick

    Here are 21 profiles of people that inspired the author. Divided into three categories--idealists, makers, and Freemasons--each essay clearly informs of the who, what and why with Offerman's signature sense of humor. Available from Overdrive.

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  • Obvious Child


    Jenny Slate played Mona-Lisa Saperstein in 10 episodes between 2013-15, Jean-Ralphio's troublemaking twin sister. In this indie fav about a struggling stand-up comedian dealing with an unexpected break-up and pregnancy, Slate further demonstrates her impeccable comedic timing. Available on Hoopla and Kanopy.

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  • So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y'all Don't Even Know

    2018 by Retta

    Get the scoop on the woman behind the awesome Donna Meagle, P&R office employee supreme. Retta narrates her book in a lively, chatty sort of way that had me lingering to hear what happens next. Available from Hoopla and Overdrive.

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  • Yes Please

    2014 by Poehler, Amy

    Amy Poehler is more than her iconic TV character Leslie Knope, and it is a hoot to find out how she got there. A few guest narrators join the party, thus the added bonus of listening surprises. Funny and honest, you’ll find yourself firmly on team Amy. Available on Hoopla and Overdrive.

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