Gallery Talk: Ivy Sundell and Visions of Life

Thursday, November 10, 2022
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Radmacher Room

Ivy Sundell and some of the writers and painters involved with this project talk about their approaches to their work. See what ideas the exhibit might ignite in your own creative imagination.

When you look carefully at a work of art, what do you see? What stories and questions does it spark for you? Art can be open to interpretation. An artist’s spirit and motivation behind a painting, a song, or a poem doesn’t always match up with how it’s interpreted. What’s more, a single work can serve as a seed for an entirely new creation.

Editor Ivy Sundell has published two short story anthologies illustrating just this idea. Both contain short stories inspired by the work of Chicago area fine artists. In each book, readers can see the paintings and prose side-by-side--how they sometimes feel separate, other times in conversation with each other.

Ivy has assembled an exhibit of paintings by several of these artists. Some of these artworks are featured in the book, and some are not, but each can serve as the kernel for a story, a poem, a song, or other creative work.

More information about the exhibit is available on Ivy's website.

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