New STEAM kits!

STEAM kits are amazing resources for Skokie cardholders of all ages to create portable learning experiences around science, technology, engineering, arts & design, and math through hands-on experiments and manipulatives. Each kit is curated by staff to provide a unique STEAM resource accompanied by relevant and engaging books, DVDs, and guides. We have short videos demonstrating several of the kits on our YouTube channel.

Here's the zoetrope:

We currently have 26 kits in our collection that can be checked out for 1 week by Skokie cardholders only. These include a variety of equipment not otherwise easily accessible like telescopes and digital microscopes as well as open-ended building and play kits like cardboard construction kits and musical instruments. A complete list of STEAM Kits can be found in our catalog. See what’s currently available by visiting the Youth Services Department. We encourage you to browse our STEAM Kit collection and find something that sparks your interest and gets you learning.

On October 29th, we’re adding four new STEAM kits to our collection!

Osmo Genius

Osmo Genius is a gaming accessory for the iPad that uses a reflector attachment with your iPad’s camera to transform play with word tiles, tangrams, and number tiles. The physical pieces interact with numerous free Osmo game apps available in the App Store. Please note that Osmo is compatible with iPad Air and Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad (3rd and 4th generations), and iPad 2.

Speck Air Quality Monitor

Speck Air Quality Monitor is a sensor that detects fine particles in your home. You can keep track of air quality changes over time and observe any trends when you are cooking or cleaning in your home. Speck comes with an informational book about air quality as well as a Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD.

Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles is a board game for kids as young as 3 years old to learn the Logo programming language. The game has many levels so this can easily become a family favorite where everyone learns problem solving and strategy related to computer coding. For those wanting to learn more, this kit comes with two books about computer coding, including Hello Ruby: Adventure in Coding activity book by Linda Liukas.

3-Speed Portable Turntable

This turntable takes you back to the days of vinyl while introducing youth to
classic tunes and the art and science of music creation. The kit includes two
vinyl albums to get you started plus Music Science by Jane P. Gardner to extend
your learning experience.