​BOOMbox: Human

Through December 18, let's better understand what it means to be human. Each month we'll focus on a different theme related to humanity, starting with the milestones of human evolution as outlined in the current Exploring Human Origins exhibit.

Then in October, we’ll move on to explore the inner workings of the mind and body, looking at internal and external systems before focusing on the brain and creative expression through music, movement, and art in November and December--all through hands-on activities and experiments.

With each shift in topic, we’ll feature a variety of different tools and resources to help you learn more about yourself and each other. Our zSpace 3D educational computer takes you inside the body, letting you take apart your circulatory system and more. Our digital microscopes are back to help take a closer look at what’s on our skin and what makes up our environment. We have a variety of human anatomy models to help understand how we all piece together. And of course, we have lots of art and making supplies.

Micro workshops are back as 15-30 minute mini lessons to engage learners in group activities or discussions. Mentors will facilitate weekly micro workshops as a way to further the understanding of monthly themes as well as demonstrate how to maximize the use of tools and resources in the BOOMbox.

In addition to drop-in hours for participants in kindergarten and up, Saturday - Thursday, we have regular offerings of events and classes for all ages. Series programs like Science Club Jr., Science Club, and Be the Scientist will tie into this rotation’s theme to reach youth participants. Challenge Accepted for grades 6-8 poses different engineering and social challenges every other Friday. And for adults, we encourage you to attend a monthly Friday Night with TED event, where we’ll watch a TED Talk and have a group discussion about what learned and how it might apply to our daily lives. This month’s talk is about the human brain and what makes it so special and next month will look at the evolution of compassion. See the events calendar for all BOOMbox: Human programs and classes.

We’re looking forward to another great rotation of experimentation and discovery. What will you learn today?