Standing up for Justice and Freedom

Dear Skokie community,

The library stands in solidarity with all who are working toward collective action to end systemic racism and inequity in our community. Racism has deep, long-lasting roots that have caused harm for generations. Such structural violence requires us to work together to speak up and be actively anti-racist. 

Like many of you here in Skokie and throughout the country and around the world, we are sickened by the horrifying killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We are heartbroken over the pain and anguish caused by ongoing, systemic injustices and oppression experienced by Black Americans, including during the current pandemic.

Racism and hate have no place in our community, and here are the actions we are taking now to support you and all of Skokie:

  • Support and listen to members of our Black community
  • Foster dialogue and civic engagement
  • Recommend books to help people learn more about systemic racism and oppression 
  • Provide access to a broad collection that represents the diversity of our community
  • Help parents and caregivers talk to children and young people about race and racism so they can understand what is happening around them and stand up for and respect others 

One of the library’s core organizational values is compassion. We seek to work with others to build a resilient community that expresses a deep concern for the well-being of every person, leading to action that is rooted in equity and respect for human dignity. But the truth is that each of us has a responsibility to build a more resilient, engaged, and inclusive community, so we encourage everyone to stand up for justice and freedom now.