Regarding Safety in the Library

On Saturday, September 28, right before closing time, our staff became aware that a young person had carried a firearm into the library. Our safety team acted quickly to address the situation and alert the Skokie Police Department, who responded immediately and took both the weapon and the individual into custody. We are continuing to work with the authorities in this ongoing investigation, and we’ve been told by the police that this individual did not intend to use the weapon and that there is no ongoing threat to the library.

The safety of our staff and patrons is of the utmost importance at Skokie Public Library. We have procedures in place to address emergency situations, which were followed effectively and led to a peaceful resolution of this incident. I will continue to work with our safety staff and the police to ensure the security of our facility. Skokie Public Library is a place where everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you here.